ITT I move out and get a job

No really.
I’m moving in with my dad in Marysville. It’s a good 20 minutes or so from Columbus. I get to look forward to basically having a 2 bedroom apartment to myself because my dad’s always working. The city itself is like a mini version of columbus. It has a drive through starbucks for fuck’s sake. Hell, it having a coffee shop at all makes it fifteen times better than the town I’m in at the moment.
The commercial center/capital of Ohio is Columbus, meaning it’s job-fucking-central and is a much better place for me to be with my marketable computer skills. I could make a good 42,000 to 45,000 yearly, starting, for just doing shit I do everyday at home. It’s not exactly big bucks but it sure as fuck is better than any other job options I have around Wapak.

Also Verizon FiOS serves the city of Marysville meaning 30mbit down and 5mbit up and oh god my pants.

PS that makes me not a hippy eat it 984.

I did that and failed heroically, so good luck.

I don’t have to worry about rent.
That’s the thing about my dad living with me :heart:

quick edit: “living”

Does that mean you can finally afford a decent avatar? wink wink, nudge nudge

How exactly does moving out mean moving in with your dad?

Shut up
that’s how

mainly it’s because the apartment’s in my name, he’s on the lease because he told them he’d not even be living there, he’d just be paying for it. He’s kinda new to the whole divorce thing.

Divorce? Hey that means you can cruise for chicks with your dad now.

Well, if he’d brought about the divorce and I wasn’t in a relationship I would say yes, but he’s still in love with my mom and I’m with someone SOOOOOOO.

I’m just mainly happy that I get the fuck out of this town.

lol drive through starbucks is so 5 years ago.


there isn’t a coffee shop within 50 miles of my town

Steve lived in like, Buttfuck, Ohio Eden.

Sounds like a fun town to live in :booster:

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