It's the....

It’s the thrill of the fight. (Sorry, I can’t post pics from here)

Fuck LSU. Fuck Auburn. Fuck Clemson.

Having grown up near and around Auburn, yeah, FUCK Auburns and their fans in the city.*

    • the city being the actual University itself; Auburn isn’t the grand sprawling urban metropolis people jack their cocks off about. Besides a Hastings store, it’s nothing special at all. >: (


The proper smilie for my ANGER is :uga:

What the crap? Is he putting on another pair of shades over his pair of shades? That is absurd…

I like it.

this will show you why

Lol. That’s funny shit.

i seen all sorts of that csi nonsense strps. they is funny, i’m makin one nao.
here it is

it took me like 5mins to link it properly.

I liked it better when it was misogynist. DDD=

I was planing on making it basically the same but racist, then I remembered how much i dislike his character. He always stands funny and talks all creepy like.
Arac are you Beast from the X-men?