It's the most scariest and most beautiful thing I have ever seen...

Or maybe not.

WindowsME anthropomorphosized as a klutzy, destructive girl with green hair.

Viewer discretion is advised. Or maybe not.

Edit: I totally forgot to mention that it’s littered with an orgy of Easter Eggs. Therefore, <s>in conclusion, vis-r-vis, concordantly, ergo sum, i.e., e.g., potato,</s> start clicking on the animation like crazy when you begin.

The thing that represented Windows 98SE was the coolest thing ever. I probably would have got more out of it if I understood Japanese though.

That was really great. :cool:

I didn’t understand a thing in there. Completely lost.

Cute drawings, catchy little song. Didn’t understand much, damn my not knowing Japanese.

I think the moral of the story is: Don’t use ME, it’ll microwave your Dr. Pepper. ::dekar!::

I laughed. My friends laughed. That person really doesn’t like Windows that much.

A quick google search shows that the thingie is a parody of a TV series called Heika (or something like that). The song is performed by a girl called Kotoko, from a group called I’ve. I couldn’t find the translated lyrics, though…

Fear not, brave, bold, intrepid adventurers! Your vorpal blade will go snicker, snack quite yet!

Lyrics (untranslated) can be found here


here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here,

Finally, a [special secret] can be found here:

Well, I think it’s secret anyway. :3

Suki, suki, suki

There’s hentai of the Windows girls. Just thought I’d mention that.

That was strange. Didn’t actually understand a thing it was trying to say.

But I can still say that whoever made that probably has way too much spare time on their hands.

I liked the bit with the catgirl.

Wait XP and ME are lesbian lovers?

Incestuous lesbian lovers. They’re sort of sisters, after all, aren’t they?

I suppose so. Is that better, or worse?

In the words of Julain Claraey, who hosts Sushi TV

It could ony be Japanise Telly

Must find e-mail Adress of my mates.

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AYB: “Windows Error: All your Run-time are Belong to us”


She trying out do, Spoons Merl & lun! (Romancing Saga 3 ())

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Edit: Hey Tranlations of the Silly song, Please?

Pretty neat.
But since I don’t know Japanse I got no clue as to what is going on.

No they’re not, they have different kernels.