It's the attack of the....vampiric sex fish!?

Stay away from australia.

Like… What the fu…?

A new RPGC mascot perhaps?
I mean, something that weird is just… Too weird to not be related to RPGC in any way :stuck_out_tongue:

Good, general advice

We found females with up to six males attached.

Vampiric sex gangbang fish. Now, the real question is, are there any naked lesbian vampiric sex gangbang fish twins? THAT would make it RPGC-worhty.

MAke it catgirls instead of fish and it’s Spaz-worthy.

Fish are weird, and so is Australia. Good thing I like weird, because I like fish and my boyfriend lives in Australia.

It seems we have a vampiric sex gangbang Nul :stuck_out_tongue:

Surely THAT is RPGC worthy!

… I think im going to die now, death comes upon swift wings :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, Im Australian, Im ALLOWED to make crazy statements :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Especially when you all mock the mother land!

I know not of what you speak.
Go away.

I wonder how <i>that</i>… practice came about during evolution.

I refuse to be satisfied with the explanation of them being Australian until someone names one Bruce.

:ulty: You too, Shalcar! You’re not Australian if your name isn’t Bruce!

Oh, I wouldn’t say THAT.

I blame global warming. And Canada.

We found females with up to six males attached

Those dirty whores…or is it stupid males?

This confirms my opinion that the weirdest animals on earth are all in one place…


Thats just sick and weird

Some of those creatures sound very weird, but I wish there were some pictures of others (definitely not the anglerfish). The octopus sounded pretty cool, and I liked the shark tooth part.

AHHHHH i’m a pisces! and a vegetarian so i cant drink no ones blood. but i can donate sperm… spiders with organs in their legs whoa!

Wow, Foodbag. You’d be a prime candidate for CRABS.


(10 at least remember)




A good Internet friend of mine lives in Australia, so don’t bash the country.
Besides, the ocean is mostly international territory, so blame Spain. p:unch::

Admiral Nagumo your mini video on your messages is so hilarious!
i saw it for the first time and i nearly fell back laughing