It's that time again...

Never mind what language, just watch the damned thing.

I predict:

a) Hundreds of brand new forums starting up to discuss it frame by frame. And that’s just the trailer.

b) Those sci-fi obsessives who look over everything start to pluck holes in it before it’s even released.

c) It’s gonna make millions, regardless of whether it’s pretentious bullshit.

d) Hugo Weaving is still going to to the best damned character in it. He. Wins.

EDIT: Yeah, there’s also streaming video from here, but you gotta go through a load of stuff to get to it.

Not that new, but still just as good and yes I will blow an aggression inhibitor if I don’t see it on opening night.

It only just occured to me to go look it up. I have no idea why it took me so long…:hmm:

old news, buddy boy.

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Charl: Yeah, well, I didn’t know that. I thought this was a pretty recent thing, otherwise someone would already have made a thread or mentioned it somewhere.

More Matrix?

Wasn’t it enough when deluded people made ‘Escape from Reality Groups’?

Maybe I should watch one of the movies someday.

Originally posted by Nulani
Wasn’t it enough when deluded people made ‘Escape from Reality Groups’?

Lemme guess; people who thought the Matrix was real?

Originally posted by Pierson
Lemme guess; people who thought the Matrix was real?

Pretty much. People across the world who meet up and do weird stuff, like stand in a forest and make bird sounds. Even if nothing is endangering the forest, and therefore nothing like Greenpeace.

Oh humanity, is there nothing we won’t do?

Stupid humanity.

Seriously though, I just hope it doesn’t do a Reloaded and get even more religious/societal commentary shovelled onto it then is necessary.

I can’t wait to see Neo vs. Agent Smith on that bridge surrounded by the Smith copies.

Was it a bridge? I thought it was just a deserted street. Or are we taking about different scenes?

I want to know who the old tramp-guy is. He was in Enter The MAtrix and told Niobe the last Zion had only lasted 72 hours. Who the hell is he?

Well, the thing is that people forget that this is the middle installment of a 3 part series. It’s supposed to be a bit wordier than the other movies. The first movie was about liberating Neo and releasing him as the One. The second movie is about learning about the architect and the origins of the matrix in an effort to put an end to it once and for all. The third movie will no doubt be a lot more action packed than the second was (which I think will be hard, people said the fights were boring, but I thought they were great).

Think about Empire Strikes Back. Half the movie was Yoda teaching Luke.

yeah but The Empire Strikes Back was arguably the best film in that series, which Matrix Reloaded certainly was not. Although if they had done the first 45 minutes differently (I have a few ideas) then I may have been singing a different tune.

Well, comprably, what’s the difference? I don’t really remember what exactly happened in the first 45 minutes of Matrix: Reloaded…

And Return of the Jedi has always been my favorite of the 3, and I’ve never understood why people thought that Empire was better.

What are your ideas, Merl?

That trailer has been out since Reloaded came out. Enter the Matrix was released on the same day as the movie and you see that trailer at the end.

One word as to why I don’t think people hold Jedi too highly, “Ewoks.”

As for the Empire, there is an incredible amount of drama in that movie, it is so moving. The tragic battle at Hoth; Han+Leia’s frantic flight away from the Ahab-like Darth Vader (despite all their ingenuity and derring-do they get betrayed by a friend); Luke’s confrontation with his own dark side in Dagobah (and his being shown up by Yoda about what being a Jedi really is); Luke’s pure pwnage by Vader; and of course the final “I am your father” bombshell. It’s just packed with interesting moments, whereas Jedi spent most of the movie as just an action-adventure film and didn’t really find its “soul” until Luke and Darth meet up again.

The first 45 minutes of Matrix 2 were really uninspiring. The dream sequence was interesting, but Neo’s first battle with 3 agents was lacking (and too short and not early enough into the movie), and don’t even get me started with the utter banality and redundancy of the Zion scenes. It was just 45 minutes or so of schlock and the movie didn’t really pick up again until Neo encountered the Oracle.

The way I would’ve done the beginning was this. You can have the dream sequence if you want it. Then, Neo and his merry band are working to unplug some poor souls from the Matrix (like maybe that kid they meet in Zion could be one of them for example) when they realize they’re about to be attacked. Neo dispatches say 20 or more police officers pathetically easily, and then the three agents show up, who also get their butts handed to them; this way it establishes even better how much of a superhero Neo has become since the end of the first film.

From there we can go to Zion, but at Zion it is very imperative to show two things. First, how the officials and “experts” there really doubt Morpheus’ vision (the movie did a decent job of showing this, but put some emphasis on how other ship captains and whatnot are divided on the issue but still respect Morpheus and co.'s fighting prowess). Secondly, they need to really really emphasize how much the people at Zion respect and adore Neo, they did this to a degree but not nearly enough. He should practically be worshipped by the populace as their champion or something. Lastly, cut out all the unnecessary orgy/dance scenes (we know Neo and Trinity love each other Wachowskis, we don’t need to see them screw to know this), and replace them with something that makes Zion seem more endearing and enhances the audience’s desire to see Zion survive the machines.

I don’t like Star Wars or The Matrix and yet I still want to watch all of them.


I’m a completist.

I really hated all the early Zion scenes, I think they existed so you could replinish your popcorn that you ate during the trailers.