It's that time again! Help me defeat my university's IT dept!

Ok, so I’m back off to Uni in four days, and I obviously need access to mIRC and stuff in order to survive and stave off boredom and insanity. Now I’ve tried various things like SSH, putty, BitchX, and other things, none of which work. TD’s recommended HTTP tunnelling, and this HTTPort program, so I’m wondering a) how does it work? b) how do I work it and c) what does it let me do?

I’d be happy as hell just to get IRC working (MSN messenger and AIM work fine, by the way. Don’t ask me how, they auto-detect settings. Bastards), but I’m wondering would this HTTP tunnelling method work for anything else? Say; BitTorrent, or even online gaming?

Enquiring and desperate minds need to know.

Now. -_-

[li]VPN (Tunneling): Forget about it, won’t work.
[/li][li]Remote Desktop: Yes, but no 3D Games and you’ll be downloading onto the remote PC.

I guess that means I should probably renew my Ragnarok Online subscription. :\

If you’re doing remote desktop, i suggest <a href=“”>RealVNC</a>. Its what i use (i have a VNC between the coputers in my house).

RagnarokOnline is 3D. And I reccomend using Microsoft’s own Remote Desktop; it lags less and is more stable than RealVNC.

Why only 2D?

Stange thing, you can Hack/Log in to the BAE Systems via VPN from another that you can dial into from anywhere in the UK, and place an order for parts for plaines in a Arab Crountry.

Big Nutter
And don’t ask me how Sweden and USA are realated to that… Couse I just worked it out.

Thank you for your concise, understandable reply!

Because 3D requires resources you don’t have access to through Remote Desktop.

Well shit. What about BitTorrent? Will either of those methods allow it?

Yes and no. Both will, but Remote Desktop will download onto the Remote.

My school system’s vicious. In the library, anyway. It doesn’t let you TOUCH the Internet with the wireless system unless you’re using a web browser (and this is using my own laptop). I don’t think even GetRight works.