;_;.... It's so pretty....

I finally got the Megaman Anniversary Collection for the PS2. It is so awesome, they didn’t change anything! Hell, even the sprite flickers are still there!

There are tons of new things in the games too, but you could turn’em off if you want to play the classic.

If you are a megaman fan, you should pick it up.

Oh, and it also comes with on anime episode (which i haven’t seen yet) and Megaman Power Battles and Power Fighters.

I’m going to get it today.

May I steal anyones PS2 for about a month? …Awwwe, heck. ._.;

I wanted to ask, were there any special release items with it in anyone’s area? Like posters or anything? Just wondering. ^_-;

Have fun with it. ^_~

I also got this game for the Ps2 and i love it. :smiley: I never got to play the nes Mega Man games so I couldn’t wait for this to come out, One of the greatest things I like about this is when you turn on Navi more and here the Remixed music of levels and the menu screans. I am going in order and im Stuck in Mega Man 1 in Dr. Whily’s fortress place, The boss keeps killing me >.< Oh well I’ll get it eventually and have a blast doing it :smiley:

Btw:Anyone going to get the GC verison? I heard its a ripoff and the Ps2 one is way better in controls and other things.

PS2 gets a 22-min episode of the anime series, GC gets some interviews with the creators and has, apparently, a fux0red control system. Apart from that aren’t they identical?

How is it a ripoff? It’s the same price.

And I’ll get the Gamecube version. I’d rather have commentary than anime.

I think they’re mainly saying the NGC version’s a rip off because the control is rumored to be messed up. ;_;

That and the remixed music doesnt play as you play the game and some of the remixed songs i guess are not in the NGC verison : /

you know i new nothing about a new megaman aniversery game until now.

and from the looks of it ill have to get one now.

thanks for the info this will be fun. :moogle:

It’s on the list, after buying PS2 of my bro.

Big Nutter
When I buy it I could say it’s David Anez’s Fault, I like Bob and George so much.

The PS2 has remixed tracks that the GC lacks too, not to mention the decent controls part.