It's so obvious!!

The beauty of being human is that we transcend the limitations that are imposed upon us by narrow generalizations!

Who agrees?

I’m sorry, I’m just very bored.

Mmm, sweet. I can’t think if you were complaining about all the pointless threads or not. ; p

No, I’m not the kind of jackass who posts about how retarded spam is after five threads have already been created to discuss how retarded spam is.

I’m here to talk about beauty! BEAUTY!

Mmm… Beauty. Okay :smiley:

See Ramza, you’re a beautiful person because you can embrace beauty.

Hades, whatever happened to the new Diablo II ladder season? It started a while ago. We had quite a few people lined up for it, I guess nothing happened… Oh well :smiley:


Ain’t that an oxymoron?

This isn’t about Diablo II! It’s about beauty. You know who’s beautiful? SK. I admire his ability to process information like a machine and think on the third layer.

Let’s turn this into a game! Post something beautiful about the person above you!

Guys, don’t turn this into shit. I want to talk to Hades D: And thanks Kero, I just got that. >.>;;

Edit: Um… Erh… Hades… You have a very fine… Tunic.

Lanyx has a sexy name. :kissy:


Making crappy sprite artwork is beautiful.

Ew… Get rid of that stupid spam sprite thing… Go back to the ones you had when I first came, they were good back then. : \ Wah wah wah, bitch bitch bitch :3

You people ruined my thread. You are not beautiful!

Hey, you just screwed up too. You didn’t say how I was beautiful!

Hades is beautiful because he and I have special times together. ^.~

Lanyx is beautiful because he’s a scalding coffee cup. And I could use one right about now.

Whoa, coffee is incredibly beautiful.

Just imagine it’s blowing in the wind, okay?

The beauty of the human being is the ability to fight over more stupid shit than any animal- except perhaps the ant.

<img src=""></img>
K, how does that look in the wind?