It's retarded how much news coverage this is getting.

Whether it was bound to happen or a “big deal” or “no big deal” or not is irrelevant. It just came out of nowhere.

I didn’t see this same level of RPGC outcry over the reporting of other celebrities’ deaths. James Brown, while insanely influential in popular music, was just a celebrity. Bob Denver, while funny as Gilligan, was just a celebrity. Steve Irwin, as far as most people were concerned, was just a celebrity.

ANS was a celebrity; she was a very recognizable face and well-known name. However, most likely since she was perceived as a golddigger (ain’t messin’ wit’ no broke niggas), a slut, and an idiot, her death is not okay to give the “breaking news” label to despite her young age and the mystery surrounding her death.

It would be impossible to cover every “deserving” person’s death. However, when beloved people die (Denver, Brown), it’s okay to report. Her death is okay to report given her level of (in)famy and the recent publicity surrounding her life with the Supreme Court, son’s death, etc. For better or for worse, news agencies are for-profit companies, and it sells more papers to print the news regarding the death of a former Playmate of the Year than it is to print the death of a Nobel prize winner.

Who cares if dog bites man?

I disagree completely. While I don’t think you were defending celeberties, I think it’s more important to announce the death of someone who’s being sent to war as opposed to someone who was at war with their own body and constantly selfabused it.

Eden is just trying to be offensive


You should have seen the thousands of people mourning outside of the hospital and the hotel. I wasn’t shocked…you kinda knew it was going to happen eventually. It was a matter when it was going to happen.


Oh, heavens and horror, no magazines! :bowser: I can hardly imagine such a world.

Actually, I’d kinda enjoy one.

I wasn’t really sure on who she was, but she went, I guess.

A person such as this should have died in either a little-mentioned private way or some gloriously ironic public manner, such as getting beaten to death with an AARP magazine or something.

I can understand, intellectually, why it is sad that a 39-year old mother dropped dead, but because it is this certain person, with her incredibly overrated attractiveness and rather mannish head, I fail to feel any sort of human empathy.

I actually do have empathy for her. She didn’t seem to have much choice where she ended up in life(imagine working in some fastfood restaurant, looking like her), and she had to bury her son. That alone is something no woman should have to do.

I don’t have anything against her for being a model or a playmate. Believe you me, I am all for more people in nude. However, I have never seen evidence of this woman having a stitch of humility or a shred of decency to go along with a lack of more material garments. Maybe it’s because as a model her job was to actively flaunt an aura of superiority - I don’t know. I could be entirely wrong, and she might have been a good or brilliant person in her private life. I just don’t see any reason to think that’s the case.

Everything RPT said, plus a “LOL” at 984’s second paragraph.

Isn’t it ironic that this thread amps up the coverage by +1?

James Brown was no pedestrian celebrity (gimme the funky horn, I need the funky horn). Anyway, I don’t think covering the death of a woman is the biggest offence of the media. Of course I’m not the one being bombarded with said coverage.

The truth is that there’s no way for us to decide whether ANS deserved her ‘punishment’ or not. It’s not OUR job to judge HER.

And you’re giving her more “coverage” right now.

One of Marx’s few worthwhile assertions: “Hegel remarks somewhere that all great world-historic facts and personages appear, so to speak, twice. He forgot to add: the first time as tragedy, the second time as farce.”

We’re a jaded, cynical bunch, Magma. You’ll see this kind of behavior a lot of the time when a celebrity dies.

Still, I believe that the general, underlying concencus is actually not “she deserved it”, but rather “she brought it upon herself”.

Sil ^ ^ I don’t believe ANS was the only wannabe clone of MM.

There is a pic of Monroe where she’s let her guard down and seems just sad and tired; Norma Jean Baker, not Marilyn. That’s the only photo of her that I like.

Defending celeberties? Heavens no! I just don’t want to be updated everytime a random unimportant person died, as I really don’t care and it is a terrible conceited, unnesessary spray of verbal bullshit. Nor do I want whatever I have on TV to be interupted by some random patriotic dribble- and I am equally critical of the Canadian media being all “ZOMG 11 CANADIANS DIED WTF DIE MOOSLAMZZ”.

The truth is relative; death isn’t a punishment on the individual; and you’re right, it isn’t our job, it’s our pleasure to judge her. Just as you are judging the people who are judging her, declaring it is not their place to do so. Go home :x

My only sympathies go out to her remaining son. Losing a mother is generally not a happy moment in ones life.


This isn’t new coverage though. This isn’t taking you away from your show, your aren’t mssing out other stories. This is just a topic about the coverage, so yes the story is brought up and given more “coverage,” but this isn’t more new coverage.

Why do we even have a thread about this ;_;