It's retarded how much news coverage this is getting.

Anna Nicole Smith died. This even was even “breaking news” when I was watching TV, which I think is bullshit. Then it is a top story on Yahoo. What the hell, it isn’t that big a deal.

Yeah it is
Think of how many people just won/lost bets on when she was dying

OH MY GOD SHE DIED?!?!?! That is breaking news!

Hey she used to go around naked for the men of america! That is important!

You know what gets too much news coverage?

Random Americans who died in the war.


Sure it is, she was a celebrity. It’s always a big deal when someone as important as someone famous dies, after all, what would we have done without the celebrities? There would’ve been no magazines!

I beg to differ.

What he said. It can’t get ENOUGH news coverage, if you ask me.

In any case, anytime a celebrity dies, you’re going to hear about it all over the place.

I heard about that, my parents were saying it was probably drug overdose. I don’t really have much of an opinion on it though, I’ve only ever heard of her, I don’t even know what she looked like. >_>

I think it’s sad because she just had a son like, last September. And the day before that her 22 year old son died. That’s sad, right?

Every recognizable name celebrity that dies gets the breaking news treatment. It happened with ANS. It happened with James Brown. It happened with Bob Denver. It just happens.

Dammit! Another deadpool opportunity wasted. :frowning: At least (the infinitely more talented and also currently daisy-pushing) Frankie Laine got me a point.

What do you expect from the hearty media of the US of A?

Wide open beaver. What else?

I think it’s pretty sad she died. I feel bad for her kid. Maybe she wasn’t the greatest person, but that doesn’t mean her death doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter any more than anyone else’s, but that doesn’t mean it’s not important. It in some way affects all those who knew or knew of her, as all death’s do. Because so many new of her, her death was made known in more public channels, because people do care about her, far too many of them to be notified by her next of kin that she has died. Mayhap it isn’t breaking news, but it’s not worthy getting all upset over where it’s placed in news.

True story.

But seriously, that post pretty much sums it up why such a seemingly frivolous news story is covered.

It’s not breaking news because it’s sad, it’s breaking news cuz it’s shocking! It just came out of nowhere cuz one day she’s fine, doing commercials for Trimspa and acting ditzy on her show and then all of a sudden…BAM! She’s dead.

There is also the fact that foul play looks extremely likely; first, the guy primarily rivalling her in a suit for her fortune (inherented from her dead husband) dies, so the trial quiets down; then, her most likely inheritor dies mysteriously of vaguely drug-related causes soon after a child, over whom a paternity suit is being battled out, is born; now, Anna Nicole herself, the possessor of the fortune her sole surviving son, an infant, is set to inherit, dies while parentage of the child is still being battled out; finally, whoever ends up with custody of the child, essentially ends up with Anna’s sizable fortune.
That’s a fuckload of bad luck for somebody with a fortune to end up with a single inheritor too young to care for himself, with two men battling for paternity (now one must wonder why they fought so strongly) of this now fabulously wealthy child.

People who’ve done more and been through more have died and they didn’t get jack from the press.

This just reminds me how much I fucking despise the media here.

Since Anna Nicole Smith is dead, does that mean all the nude pictures of her have just shot through the roof in value? Like when artists die?