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Clicka Just before the release of Wind Waker too… good advertising, I’d say.

Although how the hell the Madden games got into the top 5 is beyond me :thud:

There are much better games then all five of those, in my opinion.

<img src=“”> Same here. I love the series, but it’s just not deserving of “best game series ever”. Hell, nothing is. It’s all a matter of taste.

I fear for the future of gaming at this moment. :fungah:

Why are you fearing for the future of gaming? Video games is a multibillion dollar a year industry, it aint goin anywhere over night.

I agree, it is a matter of taste, but lets look at it this way; the Zelda series has a lot of a lot of different types of games. Zelda appeals to almost everybody. How many people here can honestly say that they really don’t like Zelda? I don’t think very many can, and that versatility amongst the public is what makes Zelda so great.

I still prefer the originals over these new confangled ones.

rofl. first of all, sports games are being constantly improved techincally while remaining EXACTLY THE SAME at their core. almost any sports game sans mutant league football on that list is a load of bs. second of all, who in the name of fuck is qualified to determine completely subjective things? and while the GTA 3 series may be worthy of an immense amount of praise, in the top 5? what were they smoking and where can i get some?

the real good games are those that can last, and have good sequals that constantly reinvent and improve themselves. i dont see anyone still playing Doom (or any of its sequals) and i wont see anyone playing madden 03 as soon as its 04 sequal comes out. Doom?! give me a break, it shouldnt even be on the top 50, maybe maybe it could get some credit for being the inventor of the fps genre, but it wasnt. meanwhile, im playing final fantasy tactics, xenogears, symphony of the night, tetris, and minesweeper. where the hell are those on the list?

edit: i do like zelda, just not its current incarnation

Doom, a game that basically helped create an entire genre of gaming, shouldn’t be included in the top 50 greatest games of all time?

Sil, you’re cool and all, but thats awfully dumb. Doom will forever be in the top 50 best games of all time for the same reason half life will be, it simply turned an entirely new leaf in a genre, and especially in Doom’s case, it helped create it.

I must say that the list is pretty bad.

Yeah its Enertainment Weekly and G4 the 2 places you don’t want to go for gaming news. This also being a purely subjective thing won’t help either. I doubt this will change anything at E3. And where was FF and DW?

<img src=“”> What’s so great about half-life? I played it once, like, 4 years ago, and I really don’t see the revolutionary thing about it. Well, you get to set scientists on fire, but that’s it.

I agree with sorc about Doom, incidentally- in my mind, it ranks alongside such classics as Super Mario Bros and Pole Position- it wasn’t the first or best fps, but by god, it’s the most fondly remembered.

And while the results were a little… rigged toward mainstream, let’s just say, at least Tomb Raider wasn’t in the top 5- now THAT would have been a bit too much to take.:thud:

Half Life added an entirely new dimension to the FPS genre, story. We, as rpg players, take story for granted, but for someone who doesnt play rpgs, the story in Half Life is awfully spiffy. You see, the story unfolded as you progressed. As simple a concept as that is, it simply had never been done before in an fps. Now, it’s done all the time, but up until that point, the genre was dominated by Quake, Doom, and Duke Nukem, all of which have some goofy story you learn about in the instruction manual and never see again. I didn’t say the game was revolutionary in every aspect, rather that it revolutionized the genre itself, and it used the first wire frame models ever.

And the mods, the mods…Half Life had a highly customizable engine, and Valve released the source code to the engine, which is what helps give Half Life the most sustainable mod community in existence. There are more people playing Half Life or a Half Life mod online at any given time, than are in jamaica on any given spring break, to give you a simple idea as to how popular and how well kept the communities are.

I never particulary liked the series anyway. I really like A Link to the Past but after that the series went downhill from there. In my book Mario beats Link in Nintendo’s world.

i think if were gonna put games higher on the list according to turning over leaves, wed get no where and just go through a history of video games. would you rather play tribes, bf1942, or counterstrike, or would you rather play doom? i think thats the most important question in any list of “best games”.

and what the hell is g4?

There’s more to being a “best game” than just being played over and over and over again. You have to look at the impact it generated, how much it lived up to hype, definitly how good a game it is/was, the type of fanbase it generated and how loyal the fanbase is, things of this nature. You can’t just put a game into the best games list just because its fun to play, or just because it had a big impact. Soldier of Fortune is arguably one of the goriest games ever, but it’s never had a major following, never was majorly popular, and didnt do much other than be really gory. Is it going to make the best games list? Probably not.

G4 is a sub-par video game channel that runs an assortment of video game related material, ranging from “Arena”, where teams face off head to head in a number of different games, to review type shows, to commercials laced with ingame footage of the latest games.

um Sil, Tetris was on the list of top 5 btw. And while I would say Madden probably isn’t deserving and GTA may be a bit too recent, the rest of that list though makes a lot of sense.

and I agree whole-heartedly with Sorc, Doom is simply amazing, I still play it even, and HL is the beginning of the next step forward for the genre.

<img src=“”> Ah yes, the story. Forgot about that. 't was pretty fun to make your way over to the reactor, then go back and see everything in ruins.

Originally posted by Sorcerer
Doom, a game that basically helped create an entire genre of gaming, shouldn’t be included in the top 50 greatest games of all time?

Actually, Wolfenstein 3D (GREAT game) came first. Not only that, but there were plenty of other FPS before that. Doom just popularized the genre.

That is exactly what I just said. I know wolfenstien 3d was out before Doom, which is why I said “basically”, since wolfenstein 3d never got to be very popular until doom game out.

As far as I know, Wolf 3D was the first FPS, and a similar game called Blake Gold or something came out a few months after that, but as far as I know Wolf 3D was indeed the first FPS.

I think that Wolfenstein 3D was the first COMMERCIAL FPS.

There were freeware games out.