It's now offically Christmas!

Merry Christmas!!!

Your right it is. So I think it is only fitting that I wish everyone a very merry Christmas day (or whatever you religion has at this time of year).

Yeh, Happy Xmas everyone!
(Or whatever else you celebrate).

Have a good one

yay… it’s shitmass again… ow sorry… ehm I mean X-mass
and yes I’m not very fond of this, why does everybody have to act all happy and pretend to be nice to one another only in this holiday… you should be happy and nice to one another all year.

anyway… i’m off to work so happy holidays to all you lucky ones without a job

Merry Christmas.

sings Merry Fucking Christmas by Mr. Garrison(South Park)

It was officially Christmas somewhere in the eariler thread…

Well, Merry Christmas Everyone!!!
Santa: HO! HO! HO!

Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year. Er, wait a tic…

You mean Commercialismas?

And Santa is nothing more than a simple anagram. I mean, look at all the similarities.

Originally posted by Nightblade
Merry Christmas.

And a happy New Year.

Next Holiday: Six days and counting…