It's mine!

Ha! I get the first reopened post! Go me!

Anyway, I went to a MegaTokyo Book signing and I got Piro’s (Fred Gallagher’s) signature and a kawii sketch of Ping. Yay.

Can ya scan it?

Maybe, but the lack of a scanner is hindering me.

So how was this Fred like? Did he actually resemble in any way his Piro drawings?

Well, a bit, he had similar hair, kinda, it’s hard to say really. But he was very nice, he drew a sketch for everyone, and that store was packed full of people. I somehow managed to be sixth in line, I must have like the best timing ever.

If you had the best timing ever you would have been first. :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah that is all cool and stuff.

You should have asked for a hentai picture of Ping.

I think his girlfriend would have slapped me. And anyway, they were just sketches of the charactes head.

Then you should have ask for a hentai picture of her, instead.

Then I really would have gotten slapped, and probably wouldn’t have gotten anything signed :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re so smart & cool, I want to meet an anime drawer, but lack of a vehicle to go down to Akon every summer with 6-10 people & lack of money is why me & my friends can’t.

Uh, yeah… And it wasn’t really a con, just him signing books in an anime store.

I don’t think he is a anime/manga artist yet, he just hopes to eventually be one and Megatokyo might be a factor is him getting a job as one.

Well yeah be sure to get the pic up when you can, if you have a digital camera I think that could as well.

I believe when someone releases a manga, they’re a manga artist. There’s a reason they sold out of the published book multiple times even though the comics are free online.

We need to have anime cons around here some time. That’s really cool Epic- if you ever get a hold of a scanner, scan the picture for us =D

AX is coming up in a while, but sadly I can’t go. I wonder what web comic authors (if any) will be there this year.

I’m headed to the Chicago area for Anime Central in a couple weeks with a bunch of friends. Should be fun.

<img src=“”> Err… Piro IS a fulltime Manga artist. If I recall correctly, he’s now drawing a manga called Warmth for some magazine.

He lost his real job some months ago, so manga drawings are probably what’s making him money right now :stuck_out_tongue:

<img src=“”> Hey, it beats begging in the streets for spare change :stuck_out_tongue: