It's me

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[b]Allright- I get it. Everybody and their mother has placed their face as an avvy here. ^^;;

I just hope that XCG didn’t make it a fad by posting that he is doing so in the main forum, though. [/b]

/me raises hand

I haven’t jumped on the pic avatar bandwagon.

X Countryguy, you look almost exactly like a fellow whom I used to know (and still run into occasionally) from the live action role-playing group in which I used to participate.

No it wasn’t maz it was someone else maybe scott baird? perhaps
what the hellhuggles Neb with my moogleness mwuhaahha :moogle:

i probably won’t show my face, as that avvie to the left of this text looks a lot better than i ever will…

Ah, yeah, now I remember, it was Scott :cool: returns huggle :slight_smile:

^ _ ^wee, yeah my memory is like a curse i remember most everything, don’t ask me about algebra thoughscreams in horror and runs manically into a wall offt! thud