It's Late But I Do Not Care

Happy Birthday Gila, may you have many happy returns and many happier trips.

Happy bday man :stuck_out_tongue:

I heart you Gila. Hopefully someday, somewhere, I’ll get high with you.

Happy birthday, Gila! All the best in the nest year for you. :cool: Rock on!

And if you would like to meet for coffee or something at some time, just let me know.

Hey, Gila. i hope you ate many cakes for me

Perc: You should go to Starbucks together! :stuck_out_tongue: You know, the one where there’s another Starbucks on the opposite corner of the streets. :stuck_out_tongue:

I happen to work at one those very two, and I really would not like to have coffee where I work. :thud:

Happy Bday, Gila :smiley:

If you still have that ISO of iS, give it a spin ! (Or have I dreamed that I sent that to you a long, long time ago <.< >.>)

Really? Man, next time I go to Vancouver, I’ll check those out. :stuck_out_tongue:

I may not be working there at the time, since I going to remove to Victoria this summer, but they are nice locations for sure.

I work in the one on the north-east corner, which is in a brick building which is from the early decades of the twentieth century.

Then just go have coffee at the other one.

oly shit, there’s a thread based around my birthday! man im sortuy about spamming those other threads. : ( seriously man i didnt know this existed. man im so drunk… i think i drank about 8 bears, and LOL NOYT BEARS! i mean beers. but yeah i drank about 8 of them… lol beers not bears, and uh yeah, man, i got sto drunk tonight. seriously, im very happy with the resulsts tonight. percival, ill private message ya, walahalla, i donate this uhhhhhh pearl necklace to your chairty( ya know you got one;) lol maybe not), and cybercompopst, whoops i mean rountree, whoops i mean gneric angsty poster(see i can’t spell it ), iuhh… i forgot. oh man is this ever a drunken post. hopefully it i…yhhhh i forgot. anyways, uhh thanks everyone. seriously!@ man im drunk i gota stop now before i 8uhhhhhh i dunno!

*edsit: happy birthday jesus! you know its his birthday rtoo… cmon! hhahahah ok that’s ajoke, i jus wantedt to edit this post for the hell of it. oh man!

*edit 5 billions: oh, and thanks ken, for the trippy blotter paper picture. man i wish i had acid tabs that were that cool lookin’

Yeah, Happy Birthday!
Have a good one mate!


Haha. Have fun Gila man.

Gila! Happy… iuhhhhhh… forgot. :frowning:


Have a heavy metal birthday Gil

What is this comic called again? I forgot the webpage

this is it I think

drops a huge pile of EMP- magazines in front of gila’s feet Happy mothafuggin’ birthday.
EDIT: << don’t let the nu-metal crap on the front page scare you off. Plenty o’ death, black, thrash etc. inside.