It's high time for a Music thread

Ok, how 'bout this…

I’ll start by introducing ONE Band/Artist and from one to three ONLY of their songs via yootube/ link/whatever, and then some random speil about them.

Then the next person takes the last letter of the Band/Artist’s name, and introduces one of their favorite Bands/Artist in that manner.

Like, I show “Temp Sound Solutions” then someone takes the ‘s’ and introduces, say, “Slayer” or whatever.

Ok, GO!

Vince Guaraldi

Mainly known for his contributions to the Charlie Brown specials, also wrote and performed other equally amazing works of the same quality. His music is how I got into jazz and how I learned how to write for a jazz combo. - (FIRST LINK) (couldn’t find Guaraldi’s recording, but this does it some justice)

Yeah let’s recycle the same threads every few months because we can never come up with anything new. How bout a thread on a current event? or a desktop thread? or some pseudophilosophical bullshit thread, like “what makes you, you?”

I was going to make a “eight or nine year belated introductory thread” just to be a penis about it, but I’m looking for some new shit to listen to; why not.

P.S.: Bring back the “Puts the ‘Ass’ in 'Jurassic” signature.

I’m from Barcelona

Not one of the greatest artists in my iTunes, but they’re pretty decent. They’re Swedish and, in the same vein of other eclectic-twee-pop groups like The Polyphonic Spree, have 30+ “band” members. Mostly just shallow indie pop sprinkled with bells and handclaps and the like; cliched but still good every now and then. “Jenny” (linked below) is a semi-decent track.



I LOVE that group! They’re really hip. Especially watching some of their live stuff, one massive, chippy sing-a-long

They came out with a new album at the end of 2008 that I’ve yet to listen to. Good stuff!

Animal Collective

I suppose you could just call them an indie band. On some albums they’re a kind of psychedelic folk, and on others they’re a more electronic band.

My Girls



An awesome thrash band. That’s all you need to know.

“The Toxic Waltz”

“A Lesson in Violence”


<b>Say Anything</b>: Punk band with a bipolar Jewish frontman.


Baby Girl, I’m A Blur

Alive With The Glory Of Love

Jim Croce


I Got A Name

Leroy Brown

Elliott Smith

Heroin = Hero win? Brilliant writer of the Beautiful Loser/Degenerate Poet type.

Say Yes
King’s Crossing
Bled White

Say Anything is a good guilty pleasure for an indie bitch douchebag such as myself. Animal Collective and Elliott Smith are sublime.

The Hood Internet

A mashup duo hailing from Chicago. These guys are good if you want to explore the good mashup stuff that’s out there. They usually take the instrumental off of a popular indie song and match it up with the vocals of some pop/hip-hop track. They usually crank out new stuff every week for a free download, so check them out:

What I have listed aren’t their best tracks, and some of their stuff just doesn’t work, but this should give you an idea of what they do. Hopefully the songs are somewhat recognizable when you listen to them. Definitely make time to explore their other stuff on the website.

Single Foxes (Put a Wood On It) - Beyonce vs. Fleet Foxes

No One Womanizes Like You - Britney Spears vs. The Department of Eagles

Animals Collecting Money - Animal Collective vs. Paper Route Gangstaz

Tears for Fears - Head over Heels

I remember when this vid was new! I was like, four years old. :smiley:

Snake Oil Medicine Show

They’re an alternative bluegrass (maybe? I don’t know) hippie band based out of Asheville, NC (the hippiest of hippie towns. Seriously). They’re a fun band. I know about them only because one of the members (Andy Pond) was a graduate of my high school; he came by one day and hocked his wares to the teachers. My father the teacher bought one. Shit. That would have been in 1998/1999.


All I Got

Wax Covered Fuzzball

The Who*

Really, this band needs no introduction. Classic 60’s 70’s rock band who have influenced countless others. They made a pretty well known rock musical as well.

My Generation
Pinball Wizard
Behind Blue Eyes

*I’m not counting The, which is an accepted way of categorizing things generally.

I wouldn’t worry about it, the guy after me didn’t even try to use the right letter -_-;

I only did it because I didn’t foresee a band name ending with the letter J and Jim Croce kicks too much ass to not be in a music thread

Operation Ivy

Old ska/punk.

Bad Town:


Healthy Body:

I’ll continue from yours!

Gun Club - Good old fashioned death rock.

“Sex Beat” -

“Death Party” -

“Fire Spirit” -

G, I would say the Go Go’s, well now I’ll go-go with another 80s all-girl band – The Bangles.
An LA band that played a mixture of 1960s-influenced folk-rock and jangle pop with a more modern punk–ish/garage band undertone.
Disclaimer: I am not certain if the band’s description is accurate enough… but…
Susanna Hoffs still looks steaming hot!

The Bangles’ most known tune: Walk Like An Egyptian

Eternal Flame

Hazy Shade of Winter

Let’s keep this thread alive.

Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet
A nice early 90’s surf revival band from Toronto. They’re best known for the song “Having an Average Weekend” which was used as the theme for Kids in the Hall.

Having an Average Weekend

They Don’t Call them Chihuahuas Anymore

Run Chicken Run