It's gotten to the point where even reality is ripping off The Twilight Zone

A woman wakes up after being dead for 17 hours
Even after rigor mortis set in.
Hmm, this seems awfully familliar…

How sinister!

Pffft, try two hours… oh wait.

MY unscientific guess is that she’s a heck of a chess player. It must feel good joining the Lazarus club.

No apparent brain damage? Something amiss there…

<a href = “”>Benjamin Franklin has already shown us that there’s nothing really that interesting beyond death</a>

Ah, yes, Dr. McNinja and the purgatory restaurant. And the headless horseman, and Dracula’s moonbase, and the velociraptor banditos, and the gorilla secretaries, and-

I’m seriously doubtful of this. It always bugs me that there’s no way of verifying these kinds of news stories. I’m taking this news with a grain of salt.

Eh, the only things I remember of Twilight Zone is the gremlin on the wing, and “It’s a cook book!”

…I know. I suck.

Story seems kinda bogus, though.
I mean, how the heck would she wake up on her own after the doctors have given up hope and pulled the plug on her?