It's gone.

: Mr. Singing Smilie sings ‘And the evil Tower has come to naught; it’s building blocks fell down; and the gods have trampled them to dust! And the people they reeejoiceeeeeeeeee… gasp… eeeeeee!’

Thank you Flint! Sig Material ^^

It’s dead! D-E-D DED.

I used to watch it often, but it was just becoming a chore of non-laughter and much groaning now, so I for one am glad.

Originally posted by Valkyrie Esker
Thank you, there is a God.

Of all the people I thought YOU would be sad.

Zero, you’re going to have to start uploading all those school notes to the staff forum now when ever you don’t have a disk :stuck_out_tongue:

Asses to ashes, butts to dust ^^

Woo hoo!:smiley:

Originally posted by Seraphim Ephyon
Of all the people I thought YOU would be sad.

You obviously haven’t been paying attention then, Seraph. Go stand in the corner, and I’ll see you after class.

does the well, um, yay? dance

I don’t know wether I should be happy or sad. I just have a funny feeling like this won’t work out, either that or it’s been too long since I had my last snack.

I don’t know if I made you guys pissed at me or not but, I do ask for forgiveness and I will act more of my age.

Good bye, tower.

W00tage : Because there’ll be no more Tower, which means this forum has lost the only part worse than SRK.

Non-W00tage : I’ll have to think of intelligent shit.

I think the w00tage outweights by FAR the non-w00tage.

Now I won’t have to disinfect my mouse when someone in the chat gives me a link and I end up seeing a Babel thread, because it’s not there!

I love you guys.

I’m sure Merlin loves you too…in a lot of ways.

Originally posted by Igatona
Non-W00tage : I’ll have to think of intelligent shit.

whilst it is a burden, it’s not that bad…

but you’re right otherwise.

You do not know the horror that is

Otherwise, you would see the fall of the tower as a blessing.

much rejoices


I’d love her more if she put her old cooler avatar back!! shakes fist at someone

Is that…a taunt, Merlin of the “I get pwnzord at SSF2”?

… ;_;