It's going to be a long month, without FFXI

Having not enough money on my card, and no money in the bank(it’s all in my pocket) i am not going to be able to pay for FFXI this month. Shame, i was on a roll too.

Go play a real RPG.

Poor you.
Want a suicide pill?

Yes please ! Anything to turn cold turkey warm !

But you dont think it will hinder me playing next month, do you ?

I can’t see why a ghost wouldn’t be able to play FFXI.

Uh ohh, i checked my credit card status today… I will still be able to play the game, as Square got their money, but i went negative $12.60 on my credit… which means i have a $29 overcharge coming down the pipe… man, credit cards really suck… i just gonna put two months of the game on this one, and never ever use it for anything else. ever. EDIT: I felt i should add this in, i know i really cant blame anyone or anything but myself for not keeping a closer eye on my credit and bank account…

MEANING: That i will still get to play the game, but instead of costing me 14, it will cost me 43 all in all.

Guh. ; p Doh. Well, I had to pay 25 bucks last month for some reason. Oh well