It's evolution, baby

…And thus, our entire history of warfare and decadance is made into an animation.

I forgot about this video, it’s awesome though I’ve never cared for pearl jam’s music.

Who drew that?

Pearl Jam omgwtf.

McFairlane, I believe.

By the way, this clip is way ooooold.

Whether old or not. That was still impressive.

Somewhat twisted, but good.

Of course the clip is old. The song came out 7 years ago (as did the video).

HOWEVER, that song’s awesome, and so is the video (one of my favorite music videos, actually). Kind of strange that Pearl Jam even made a video for it, since after their first album, they started protesting MTV and stopped making music videos at all, but 8 years later, they made a video for Do the Evolution, which played on MTV. Guess they had a point to get across.

I guess some would consider it sad that I’ve never seen this? sweat drop But yeah, I never did. I like it a lot though and intend to share with others ^^

Close. It’s Todd McFarlane. The style of the animation probably looks familiar as he not only drew a cover for a Korn album, but is also the genius behind Spawn.

That’s a fuckin awesome video; it’s one of my favourite music videos. I like the message they are getting across, too.

And my first thought upon seeing the name Evolution is of a scene from “The Science of Discworld:”

The Librarian, travelling through L-Space, appears in Charles Darwin’s study as he writes his book on evolution.
Darwin: What manner of shade are you?
Librarian: Ook. (Footnote: “Reddish-brown.”)