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okay… here it is… now, I didn’t get everyone in the fic but the next one will be even better… just had to write this one quickly… enjoy it, tell me what you would like changed…

Heelllloooo all!

“Chris-chris? What are you doing?” Josh asked as he watched Chris-chris pull something onto the stage. The auditorium was empty and the bright lights that lights the stage was changing colors every now and then to check for burn outs. Chris-chris had apparently dragged something with her onto the stage where the desk and four chairs stood. She stood it up, a large red sign saying, ‘Come all! Interview here! (watch your step…)’.

“Phew… there we go.” Chris-chris smiled as if satisfied.

“What is it?” Josh looked over the desk at the sign. he read it and laughed softly.

“What?” the half dragon glared at him.

“What is that for?” he asked.

“To welcome the new comers…” Chris-chris answered. She walked around the table to her chir and sat down next to Josh. “Now, the show starts in about two hours right?”

“Yeah, why?”

“I think I’m gonna go for a little bit, see you in two hours!” she said. Chris-chris jumped up and rushed off the stage, leaving Josh behind wondering why she would take off so suddenly. Scratching his head, he sighed.

“What a boring day this has been…” he thought outloud. Josh closed his eyes and sat there for a minute, when he was scared half to death by Vickie. “Gee wis! Don’t scare me like that!”

“Sorry… I was wundering if you knew where sis was?” Vickie asked, innoncently.

“No, she ran off in a hurry not too long ago. Didn’t say where she was going…” Josh told her. Vickie’s smile disappeared being replaced by a frown.

“Darn… I guess i’ll just sit here and wait for her…” the child complained a little. She sat down on the stage floor in indiain style. Josh watched her as she had a look of depression on her face and played with her shoelace.

“You’ll have to wait two hours…” he told her. She moaned even more and layed back on the floor, arms and legs spreaded out.

“She hasn’t been around lately… I wander what’s going on?” she asked herself.

“I dunno…” Josh replied.

“Why hasn’t she written much this summer?”

“I dunno…”

“Can I call you Geroge?”







“No…” Josh was getting a little annoyned.

“Can I call you Josh?” Vickie looked up at him and smiled childishly.

“No! I mean… d’ oh!” Josh flipped out of his chair and landed on the ground behind the desk as Vickie laughed.

An hour had past and the auditorium was halfway filled with people and creatures and many other things I don’t even know what they are. Chris-chris hasn’t returned yet and Josh and Vickie were sitting at the desk, bored to death. An hour and thrity minutes left and still no sign of Chrissy. Josh looked around the room and sighed. Every seat was full and the hostess was missing. The lights were fixed on the center of the stage and everyone was busily talking while waiting for Chris-chris. Finally, just as Josh starts to panic, Chris-chris comes bolting down the walkway, jumping onto the stage landing perfectly on the table. She turned to the audience and smiled. Taking a deep breath, she spoke.

“Welcome all to the exciting talk show! Though why I don’t have a name for this show yet I don’t know… but oh well! Welcome.” she jumped down and took her chair. Josh smiled easily as Vickie’s spirits lefted up.

“About dang time… where were you?” Josh whispered to Chris-chris.

“I was busy… sorry 'bout that.” she whispered back. The crowed cheered and clapped their hands. Vickie stood up to quiet them then sat back down next to Chris-chris. She looked up to her sister and smiled.

“Today, we have invited a few friends of Chris-chris’ from First of all, we would like to thank all of those who came here today.” Josh saind, smiling.

“Please give a warm welcome to a good friend of mine, and fellow dragon, Chris of the Brood!” Chris-chris shouted. The audience cheered as Chris entered smiling.

“Hey Chris-chris. Nice to see you.” he said, shaking her hand. “Nice to meet you Josh.” Chris turned to him too and shoke Joshs’ hand.

“You too.” the two replied.

“Hello Vickie.” Chris smiled at her.

“Heya’!” she replied. Chris took a seat in front of Chris-chris and awaited for the questions.

“Chris, you know dragon tounge right?” Chrissy asked him.

“Yes?” he answered.

“Okay, just curious.”

“Right, anyways. So Chris, what forms of dragons do you have?” Josh asked.

“Well, quit a few actually. But I like using the Kaiser mostly… powerful dragon.” Chris answered.

“Yes, ineed…” Chris-chris nodded in agreement.

“Though, I can’t understand the powers of the Wind dragon, can you Chrissy?” he asked her.

“Not really… I’ve heard that it deals with speed and how well you can fly. But I’m a bad flier…” she answered him.

“Hmm… I’ll see what else I can learn about it. I’ll tell you once I get the information.” Chris told her. She smiled and nodded happily.

“Thanks for coming Chris, please stay after the show and wait in the back room with the other’s.” Chris-chris told him. He smiled, nodded and stood up, walking off the stage to the back room.

“Next we have is a sort-of newbie to the site, and brother to another great aurthor, Gemini. Please come to the stage.” Josh called out. Gemini comes from the side stage and waved out to all the happy people. He walked to the three and said hello. They replied and he sat down in a chair.

“Gemini, you’re an aurthor too, right?” Chris-chris asked.

“Yeah.” he answered.


“Chris-chris, you’re asking rather boring questions, ya’ know?” Josh turned to me.

“I know…”

“Aren’t you gonna ask good ones?”

“I dunno… I might.” she answered, smiling.

“D’oh!” Josh slapped his hand to his face.

“I’ll ask him something!” Vickie said. She jumped up and smiled cheerfully.

“Sure sis, go ahead.” Chrissy smiled back at her, stood up from her chair and stood there as Vickie sat down.

“Ok! Gemini, can I have a cookie?” Vickie asked childishly. Gemini, Chris-chris and Josh all fell to the ground.

“Vickie, that was totaly stupid…” Chris-chris said from below.

“What? At least it was better than your’s…” she said in defence.

“Okay…” Chrissy sighed heavily. “Fine…”

“Here’s you a real question Gemini…” Josh said as they got back in their seats. “anyways, do you plan on writing more once you finish this one fic?”

“I’m not sure, if I decided to do so then, yeah. Til then, I’ll work on my fic.” Gemini answered.

“Sorry 'bout the two idioits…” Josh whispered an apology to him as they watched Chris-chris and Vickie jumping around. Clapping hands together, dancing almost, they sang.

“I’ve got a bunch of lovely coconuts!”

“They always act funny…” Josh said to him. “Anyways, thanks for coming.” Gemini nodded and walked past the two girls and left for the back room.

“BIG one’s! SMALL one’s! SOME AS BIG AS YOUR HEAD!” The two finished singing and sat back down.

“What was that all about?” Josh asked them. The giggled a little before Chris-chris answered.

“Something we joke about all the time…”

“Oh, well… Vickie, would you like to invite our next guest?” Josh asked her. The twevle year old child smiled and nodded.

“Everyone please welcom a fellow aurthor, Pierson!” Vickie shouted cheerfully. Pierson came out onto the stage with a big smile on his face.

“Hello.” he said to them.

“Hey.” Chris-chris and Josh, but Vickie simply smiled and nodded again.

“So Pierson, where can i find more of your fics?” Chris-chris asked.

“Look in, same name.” Pierson answered most clearly.

“Heh… you actually asked a serious question…” josh said under his breath.

“What was that?” Chris-chris glared at him.

“Uh nothing…”

“Right…” she eyed him.

“Anyways, so Pierson… you like Crono Cross, right?” Josh asked him.


“Where the heck can I find it?” Chris-chris finished the question.

“I don’t know where you can find it where you live but I’m sure you’ll find it someday.” Pierson answered.

“I still have to let you bowwor it, huh?” Josh looked at Chrissy. She nodded.“Remind me to get it for you…”


“Thank s for coming Pierson, now if you’ll walk thata way you’ll meet the others in the back room, wait there for us.” Vickie gave him the directions and he walked off stage to the back room.

“Now, give a very warm welcome to the master of space and time, Wilfredo Martinez!” Chris-chris introduced Wilfredo out. He came out with a friendly smile, sitting down in the chair.

“Hello Chrissy, first I must ask how thing’s are going for you and your family?” Wil asked her.

“Thing’s are running smoothly. Popa is feeling better and my brother had his 16th birthday the other day. You?” she smiled.


“That’s good.”

“Anyways, Wilfredo, how come you have the title, ‘Master of space and time’?” Josh asked.

“Because I’m one of the wisest and oldest member of RPGClassics.” Wil answered.

“That’s cool…” Josh said, he smiled and looked at Chris-chris.

“Wil, how did you gain so much knowaglde?” Vickie asked.

“From years of experience… trust me, you’ll learn some things from life.” he told her with a smile. Vickie smiled back.

“Thank you for coming Wil.” Chris-chris said to him.

“It was great to be here Chrissy, I’m glad to hear that your family is ok. Take care.” Wil said as he left the stage.

“I will… you too sir.” Chris-chris said softly.

“Alright everyone, that’s it we have for today’s show… all the other’s who signed up, please give us time.” Josh said out loud.

“Wait… somethings not right…” Chris-chris said.

“Someone is missing…” Vickie said.

“Who though?” Chrissy asked.

“You mean… me?” said a bone chilling voice from behind Chris-chris. Chris-chris tensed up a bit before turning around giving Chris a round-house kick to the gut.

“OOF!” Chris back away after the blow.

“Don’t sneak up on me like that Chris!” she yelled.

that closes up this chapter, for those who signed up as well who I did not interview in this one, you’ll be in the next one. I have my plans for you… evil grin

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Sorry, i was writing this story at 7 in the morning without any sleep… so, if there are a lot of them, I fully apologise…



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Aww… that was very nice, the way you handled me, Chrissy. Thank you.

The story itself is pretty fun too. The only things I would recommend, is that you make the interviews slightly longer. Also, how about asking us questions in this thread, so you can use our answers in the story? Just a suggestion.

Good work, overall.

okay. :slight_smile: Your welcome Wil.

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also if you want, don’t be afraid to use any Get Wise characters… I’m sure you could think of a good one for Chef Al and Chief Tim :slight_smile:

Yay! Orakio you just gave me some crazy idea! huggles:yipee:

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Get Wise characters? In this fic? This should be fun. Crazy, but fun.

Crazy indeed. She knows enough about Get Wise to do a good job on this :slight_smile: