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:eek: Okay… it happens whenever you don’t update a story chris… ;_; bad little dragon I am…

Any ways, here’s the next one to my interviewing fic :slight_smile:

The Hiring…

“Chrissy, you really should work on your spelling and grammar skills…” said Josh, who was looking at the sign on my office door.

“What? Is there something wrong with it?” Chris-chris looked up at her door. writen on a piece of paper was !ouY weivretni ll’I dna ni petS ?boj a ekil uoy dluoW !DETNAW PLEH. “What about it? it’s backwards?” Josh hits his hand to his forehead. “You’re reading it from behind… look on the outside.” she told him. Josh opened the door and looked at the message.

“‘HELP WANTED! Would you like a job? Step in and I’ll interview you!’ Chris-chris, that’s real lame…” he said.

“Well… can you think of anyone to interview? I’m tired of going around asking people if they want to be in the show…” she sighed heavily. Shrugging, Chris-chris watched him as he tried thinkning. “See? Can’t think of anyone…”

“Yeah… I guess you’re right…” Josh sighed as well. Chris-chris kicked back in her chair and sighed heavily.

“Then, I guess we wait, eh?” she said.


It’s been a few hours and noone showed up. “Darn… I guess we’ll continue this tomorrow…” Chris-chris stood up and walked out of her office, Josh was closely behind.

“Do you think anyone will sign up?” he asked.

“I dunno…” The two walk down the halls.

well, seriously, chris-chris is outta people to ask and I’m tired of asking if someone wants to be in the fic, so… if you want to be in one, post here! :wave:

I never miss an opportunity to get more publicity. Stick me in if you so desire.:wave:

You haven’t asked ME… :too bad;

Let me in!!! :hyperven:

Originally posted by DanteFury
Let me in!!! :hyperven:

Whenever someone posts that I always have an urge to mime a door slamming in their hypothetical face…In real life as well…

ok :slight_smile: That’s Dante, Wilfredo, Pierson. Anyone else?

Originally posted by Pierson
Whenever someone posts that I always have an urge to mime a door slamming in their hypothetical face…In real life as well…

Which is excactly why I posted it! To give you that feeling! :smiley:

Yay! Thanks! I need to do more of that in real life and thus cultivate an aura of one who cares not for other human lives.:fungah:

Yeah! That’ll rock! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Like Magus, but without the ability to float instead of walk. He’s my hero :dreamysigh:

smiles you can interview me as many times as you want… but I’d like to see a lot of other people be interviewed :slight_smile:

I’d like in, b/c it’ll be fun and it’ll be a great opporitunity for people to know me better.

Ahhh. The joys of acknowledged RWP-insertion. Love it.

Pick me! Pick me!

Pick him! Pick him!

Pick [echoingvoiceofdeath]all of us[/echoingvoiceofdeath]

The Planewalkers War is about to reach an interesting part, and soon you should have five characters to interview: the Split Forms!
You’ll know them when you see them.

RPGC pundits perchance?:hahaha;

Yay! Chris-chris has friends! Chris-chris hug friends! hugs everybody

Okay, so I have Dante, Wil, Pierson, Gemini, and Chris. Okay Manus… you gave me some good ideas! :slight_smile: hugs Manus Thankies Orak! hugs orakio

Anyone else? I need a couple more people.

Go loo in other threads and ask, or put something in your sig maybe? Works for me. I’ve had at least three people telling me they have Megaman X6. Unsympathetic gits.

Or use some of your fanfic characters… [SHAMELESS_PLUG]or you can use one of mine from After the Journey , my Shining Force 2 fic.[/SHAMELESS_PLUG]