It's been two weeks...

Okay. Last time I posted, you all replied to me going to HS, being a nerd, etc. Or at least that’s the way I intended it to be. Instead, two weeks later, A LOT of stuff has happened. Let’s see… I’m not a nerd. Shocking. Truly. Instead, I’m co-president of the Algebra Club, I’m friends with all the jocks and cheerleaders -even some sophomores, I’m running for fricking CLASS PRESIDENT, and everyone knows I am - before my campaigning week (next week). On top of that, I have straight A’s, have exhausted the library’s graphic novel shelf, and am moving on to read King Lear. I have been transformed - no longer anarchist or anything. On top of that, I have three campaign managers, a spending limit of $25, and about a dzen different bimbo-ey cliques are bringing t-shirts for themselves to wear saying ‘vote for raven’. My three campaign managers are Jonathan, a friend of mine who had to go camping this weekend and can’t help get ready to campaign, Nathan, a ‘pseudo-jock’ ‘friend’ of mine who once kicked my ass, and Carlie, a bimbo-looking genius. I kind of need a slogan that involves Raven (my name), Class President, and ‘vote for’ . On top of all this, I am actually thinking of trying out for the Basketball team. I have been hypothetically thrust headlong into an alternate universe, and I have problems. I even stopped hating SCHOOL SPIRIT. I’m changing (or being changed, I guess) into someone totally different, no longer avoiding being ‘part of the masses’. This is confusing and hard… ‘shudder’.

Anything… comments, questions, anything helps, or at least can’t hurt. PLEASE. :hyperven:

What, are you freaked out? High Schools a whole new game than Middle School. By getting involved you’re joining the ranks of the select few who give a shit about their school. If you like whats going on, keep it up, if you don’t, then drop out and retreat to the people you’re familiar with. Lifes about change, and you better get used to it. My suggestion is you run with it and start getting good at being a people person. I hung out with the same core group of people all throughout high school and now that I’m in college, making new friends is supremely difficult.

Almost everything you posted qualifies you as a nerd.

Uh, you’re succeeding. Whats the problem? You’re making friends and doing well. I’m sure the path you’re headed on is infinitely better than your old life of hentai, sarcasm, and video games.


What I had to say has already been said. Damn all of you.

You have already accomplished in two weeks more than I ever hoped to attempt to consider accomplishing in my entire stint as a student. You should be proud of yourself.

I hope you realize Class President is never anything more than a popularity contest. I’m not trying to discourage you, but even if you make great propositions, if you’re running against the big man on campus there’s a 99% chance you’ll lose. :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks like you’ve realised that beyond highschool, highschool cliques don’t matter. I wish I had this kind of epiphany then. Keep it up.

Not to spoil such an egaging thread but if you plan on making more threads about yourself, get a blog page.

You run against the big man on campus and WIN, bitch! WIN!

Life is something that changes and should change. Be happy.

The problem here is I am the big man on campus, and that ain’t right. I’m not supposed to a popular guy- in other words, it defies the laws of physics for me to be popular. I’m kind of dazed by the entire thing. Methinks it may be going too well - how bad am I going to fuck up this time?

Chill the fuck out and just be yourself and if any shit happens it isn’t because you were a moron trying to be something he’s not.

Vote for Raven, or be stuck in your own personal hells for all eternity.

Absolutely true. Take your good fortune as an opportunity to grow. I wound up in a similar position as you at some point in my high school years, and by banking on it, I’ve become a person that I could have only wished to be before.

First of all, we are ALL nerds here- oh yes, even the smack-talking guys like the ones who keep posting to tell other people they are nerds. You see, this is a VIDEO GAME BOARD, and we spend a lot of talking about them, that automatically makes us nerds. The thing is, being a “nerd” isn’t worse than being a “jock” or any other school stereotype. We all have our obsessions, and loving RPGs or Math isn’t any worse than being obsessed with sports, etc. It’s just that society insists in branding some as better than others, but that’s just BS, don’t fall for it.

Second, glad that things are going better for you. Finally, a Message Board is only as good as the people who post in it, so if you’re annoyed by the responses in this one, try one of our subboards instead (the Media Board is rather friendly, or so has my experience been.) Hint: You should find a thread of people talking about their personal lives before you decide to mention yours. For some reason, it irritates some people. I guess they feel only they have the right to whine online. (And whine they do… trust me.) :slight_smile:

The internet is filled with places dedicated to fulfilling your whine online needs, most people prefer to direct others to those instances so they can get the proper ignoring they need to make the most out of their whine-a-thons.

I seriously don’t see irritation or any reason why he wouldn’t like the responses in this thread, unless he only expected “YAY GOOD JOB THUMBS UP” responses.

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Curse you Red! I wanted to say something cutting, but no! Your cleverly crafted black child took the wind out of my sails! Damn you I say! Damn you!

Seriously though, isn’t this shit what LJs are for?