It's been one of those days...

…where the worst things go wrong. I’m so thankful for my neighbors that saved my ass twice today. My parents and sister were away at our summer home in Sherkston and I was in charge of my dog and cat.

Everything went fine, you know the normal routine, until I left for my friend’s house. As I walking there (it’s only like three blocks), I reached into my pocket and realized I didn’t have my house key :thud: . I ran to his house and called my neighbor, who fortunatly had a house key. She put it in my mailbox and I was able to get in my house when I came home. I’m like great, crisis one over…

Now, I am home and go into the bathroom. I do my thing and flush the toilet. Now, it’s been acting up once in a while, but everything seemed fine. That was until I found out that it was clogged and the water level rised. I immediately called my parents and my dad advised my to try flushing it again. I did and it overflowed only a little and seemed to stop. So, I hang up and go upstairs, thinking everything is OK. The toilet is still going and flooding everywhere. I immediately got one the phone again and my dad called my neighbors. He stopped the toilet and brought his heavy duty vaccum to soak up the water that went into the hallway. I spend an hour soaking up the water with towels in the bathroom. I’ll have to use the bathroom downstairs now, which isn’t a big deal, until they come back tomorrow. Crisis two solved for now…

Has anybody had anything like this happen to them?

I’ve had my fair share of toilet problems (once a month). But nothing like that really. But one time Ultros came out of the toilet and ate my dog!:ulty: Wait, no that was a dream.

I obviously need to befriend my neighbours: I never realized they could be useful.

um… nope. Sotty.
I mean Sorry. Damn keyboard.

One of my chemistry teachers once exploded a toilet with a chemical reaction involving Sodium as part of an experiment (if you got balls and access to chemicals, get a 10 lbs. block of Na and throw it in a large mass of water. Then run. And don’t let anyone get into contact with that water after that.)