It's been fun...

:frowning: As of Friday, May 23, 2003, I will no longer have reliable internet access (school’s out) and thus will be absent from the forums. I’ve had a blast hanging around here, so don’t die on me over the summer. I ought to be back in August, but you never know. I had enough boards die on me last summer, so if you die I swear I’ll kill you. :frowning:


<img src=“”> Well, that was uncalled for Or.

I’m glad you enjoyed your stay here, Deathstryke, and I hope you’ll be back in August. It’s been good having you at RPGC.

Originally posted by Zombie_Ori

Well, you’re not going to make any friends with THAT attitude.

It’s obivous that he’s not trying to make any friends :stuck_out_tongue:

No internet at home? You poor, poor soul… have a nice summer! =)

Originally posted by Epicgamer
It’s obivous that he’s not trying to make any friends :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, that’s a good point. :stuck_out_tongue:

hacks Zombie_Ori’s testicles off and jams them down his throat
Thanks for the concern, I have internet at home, but my mother might as well have it plugged into her skull. Besides, this board doesn’t load well on dial-up.

Have a good summer deathstryke! What do you mean the board doesn’t load well on dial-up? I use AOL with a 56K modem and it loads fine with me.

Blasts a steady steam of fire in Zombie’s face

Well, my dial up is through some idiots in town who don’t really know what they’re doing, but get paid because they currently hold a monopoly. Most parts of town are lucky to break 33k.

Well that would coinside with your location.:slight_smile:

Have a good summer and stuff.

death, try disabling avatars and signatures under your menu options, it might speed things up for you.

Well I guess this is goodbye, for now at least!
So YbcA!

See ya around.:wave:

I don’t know you man, but good luck in your endeavors, and try too get back here as soon as possible. RPGC likes it’s repuation of being a mantrap.

I have never seen you around before buddy :stuck_out_tongue: Cya round.

Take care and have a good summer!

Well, man, at least you can enjoy your summer now without the distraction of loads of web boards :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: and take Merlin’s advice- you’d be surprised how well that could actually work (one forum I went to, some people had up to 3 animated banners in their sigs. EACH. It eventually choked on it’s own gifs :wink: ) a bare-bones version of the forums is still good, trust me :slight_smile:

Don’t die on me over the summer. I’ll be back eventually.

Necro posting isn’t a great idea deathstryke, but I’ll see ya around man…