It's been awhile

But it’s time for a new “What’s your desktop background?!” thread :smiley:

<a href=“”>If there was any doubt about my background…</a>

Mine’s the same as my myspace one… Here

EDIT: Nevermind…that fucked up completely.

Mine ^^

This is what I use on my desktop machine, and this is what I use for my laptop.

My “print screen” button doesn’t work and I don’t know any other way to take a pic, so here’s just the wallpaper.

<a href=“”> GNOME </a>
<a href=“”> Openbox </a>


<a href=“”>Desktop</a>(I never use this one, hence the shitacularness. Has a <3 jewchan cursor, but prntscrn hides the cursor) (as an aside, i do love jewchan).
<a href=“”>Laptop</a>
<a href=“”>Workhorse/Central</a>

Who the FUCK is that PILE OF PUKE!?



Desktop: In Windows, I use the picture that Hiryuu made for me with Mr. Saturn the shriner in his little car. In Linux, I use Twisp and Catsby.

Laptop: I jump between the DQ8 wallpaper that Square-Enix put on their JPN site, or the cover of the Saturn version of Dracula X: Gekka no Yasoyoku (Nocturne in the Moonlight).

Here it be

Since no one probably cares about my desktop background I might as well put all the game icons on my desktop, take a screenshot and remove them.

here is mine.

It rocks, well for me it does.

Mine is too embaressing. I won’t show it.