It's been a while

Well it’s been a very long time since i been here but i guess it’s time to see what’s happening. By the looks of it there are only a select few or you who might remember me, but too all of those i do not know, i’ll simply introduce myself as one crazy canuck.

Hello. The name is familiar but I dunno if its from you or somewhere else that I recall.

Your name sounds familiar, but I don’t remember you.

I think he used to post here back then when there was a ToB.

Speaking of the tob, I wonder what happened to dark?

Originally posted by Sorcerer
Speaking of the tob, I wonder what happened to dark?

He tried to rejoin awhile ago, but I thinkt here was a mistake in the joinign process, adn now he can’t. At least, that’s what I think Zero told me once.

Which is probably a very good thing.

<img src=“”> KAZADZ’Z HEER!

Aiiiieee! It’s Good Kitty! (runs)

Not having been to the message boards until now, I’m afraid I don’t know you. Welcome back, though.


Don’t seem to remember you.

But then we can start all over then. New beginnings and what not.

Welcome [back] to the boards.

steals Khazad’s shoes

I don’t believe I was around when you originally joined, but nice to meet ya.
hands a christmas chocolatechip cookie

Hm… names familiar, but dont remember you. Welcome back though.

sounds familiar…

Your name DOES sound fammiliar. Welcome back. Here, have a cookie…of DOOM! gives

my my violent bunch aren’t we. Good! Anyway like i said I only remember a few names here like merlin, mazrim taim and Zero oh and macc, i laft like 3-4 years ago.

That means a bunch of people are LIARS because even I haven’t been here that long.

Looks like we have someone who was around during Shaheem’s rule…I wonder what kind of knowledge of the past he has, I never sawt the Shaheem battles up close…I want to know…

Yeah, I’m still here and I remember you. Welcome back! RPGC’s still going strong, I think. Even though I don’t really visit too often, that’s how it seems to me.

-Mazrim Taim

No one remembers anyone, they just think they do. And why should we?: We’re strangers even though we’ve met.

Isn’t the Internet lovely? And isn’t cryptic phrases just as lovely?