It's almost September... you know what that means!

September is the worst month ever. It starts to get cold, all this bullshit patriotisim…

I hate september.

School starts for me in 10 hours and 20 minutes. At least I’m a senior in high school, and when I step out of the car when I get to school, I will have gone to school longer than my older brother (he go his GED)

I will be a senior as well. the only reason that im happy is because I might go to high school in japan maybe even college.

Its apparent that almost none of you actually read his message- just the topic and the first line. -_-

Pfft, I like the cold. I for one and looking forward to september.

The patriotisim is mosly to the south… though, I dare imagen what places fiona visited to say that they are also in canada.

I, personaly, can’t wait for the rain to come back. I’m sure alot of people who lost their houses in the forest fires up here, are praying the rain comes soon…


Good luck Spaz, you’ve got me cheering for you, RPGC kitty. :cool:

If it’s seven bucks an hour, just think of it this way: That’s a lot better than zero bucks an hour. :stuck_out_tongue: