It's almost as if Sony don't want us to buy the PS3

And Ken Kutaragi needs help. Badly.

Expensive blu-ray discs, talk of “licensing” games to prevent trading/renting and talk of limited backward compatibility, and now this:

Okay, that’s like saying “George W. Bush is the only president and therefore people must support him”. Sad thing is, for both statements, there are mugs out there who will believe it.

As it stands, right now the PS3 will launch at around $600, with the Wii clocking in at around $250. Essentially, PS3+1 game (almost certainly gonna be $50 or more due to blu-ray)= Wii+8 games and a whole heap of extra controllers. Not to mention the inevitable price drop the 360 will no doubt have before the PS3’s launch.

Before, I was going to get a PS3 anyway and just keep it for the better games. Now, I don’t think I’ll bother.

All I’m going to say is


I’m sticking with my SNES and PS2, not to mention my computer. The 360’s price was a little over the top, but this is simply outrageous. crosses out the PS3 on his “To Buy” list

Fuck that shit. I’m just gonna wait for a hell of a fucking price drop.

…or until MGS4 is out.

The per system licensing was already proved false.

It’s supposed to be backwards-compatable with both PSX and PS2, too…at least, last I heard. >_>

It’s still 600 dollars. SIX HUNDRED.
Man, Wii all the way!

I honestly don’t see myself buying any of the next-gen systems. I’d sooner get an NDS and buy games for that, since there seems to be both demand and some great games out.

I just did the math of how much this is going to cost in my country. Holy Shit.

It still depends on what games come out for each console. I have very little interest in the weener and the 360 regardless of their price. That said, not only it’s been proved over and over that buying Sony hardware on their first versions is asking for trouble, now I have even more reasons to wait a few years. Who knows, I might even skip this generation entirely like I nearly did for the last one.

MGS4 will be worth the fortune you spend on it. Wasn’t the PS2 like 300$ on release? It’s only the price of 2 PS2s.

edit; The price you listed is for the premium module anyways. Not everyone will get a premium PS3. I will, though; it comes with memory card slots. :confused:

i still think i will wait for a price cut, it will give sony time to get rid of the bugs anyway

Yup. Gonna buy a Wii. I was still looking to get it despute the 600 price tag, until I found out MGS4 wasnt a launch title, despite all the talk that it would be. Oh well.

I think Sony just got too full of themselves. The PSone and PS2 are the two biggest selling and most popular consoles of all time. They knew it and just assumed everyone would pay whatever price they set on it. Now they’re gonna pay for it. Not everyone is too hot on the 360 either. The Wii is generating more and more buzz with each passing day. Nintendo will be the tortoise that slowly but surely comes out on top, and they’re gonna win the console race this time around, for the first time in over a decade.

The lack of good games for the Wii makes me not want to buy it. Pretty much the only reason I’d buy one (or that I’d believe anyone would buy for) is the total backwards compatability. But then again, why not just get emulators?

Because not everyone wants to/can download them?

Not to mention that Nintendo is aiming at a completely different audience: the people who <I>don’t want</I> a PS3 or X360. The Wii is designed for people who don’t consider themselves “gamers,” and people who’ve been too intimidated by the 12-button-two-analog-sticks-and-a-d-pad controllers that we’ve been seeing for the last two generations. Plus games like Zelda will bring in the hardcore Nintendo gamers, and the virtual console will bring in a lot of older gamers.

If you’d asked me 6 months ago, I’d have said I thought Microsoft was going to win this generation. Now, despite supressing my Nintendo-fanboyishness, I still have to say that Nintendo certainly stands a good chance, so long as they can keep up the third party support (I’m talking to you, RE4 on PS2… >_<).

For those of you who like your games needlessly violent (GTA fans) or are total graphics whores, the Wii isn’t for you. For those of you who want endless FPSes, and don’t think a game is fun if it doesn’t involve killing someone, the Wii isn’t for you. If you play games to (gasp!!) honestly have a good time and enjoy yourself, then you are the Wii’s target audience.

Well it’s no secret that all sorts of major third party developers are clamoring to tinker around with the remote.

I’m just looking at what games are coming out. I don’t care about the price, I don’t care about who’s a dick…I’m just out for my own interests. And that is:

Final Fantasy 13 and MGS4 - PS3. Bought.

Enchanted Arms, those Mistwalker RPGs, Halo 3 - 360.

Wii is the only one that has nothing I want at the moment.

The Wii doesn’t have DVD support, so it can’t play movies whilst pretty much every console 6th and 7th generation had (save Gamecube, of course).

The Wii also has some built-in ESRB chip thing. It refuses to play certain titles if the settings don’t allow it. The PS3 and Xbox360 doesn’t have that.

<!-- But it’s not like the Wii will get M rated games! ohohohohoh! --!>

edit; Holy shit, the PS3 will cost 1,000$ in Australia.

DVD players are like 50 bucks now or less. No one buys consoles for that reason. And like you said, if the settings dont allow it. That’s just a parental control thing, all the next gen consoles have that.

Not for games, they don’t. Movies, perhaps, but not games. And regardless of price of DVD players, you get a gaming console, a DVD player, and a music player in one. Not to mention a hard-drive where you can download stuff onto.

edit; And like SG said, FF13 and MGS4; reason enough to buy a PS3.

Erm 360 does have parental controls last I heard. I’m fairly certain they can be set anyways. And as for DVD playback, I only used my PS2 for dvds until I got a proper player/recorder and haven’t used it since (and haven’t used my 360 for dvds AT ALL).

And as for MGS, I wouldn’t surprised if 2, 3 and maybe even 4 get rereleased for Wii in some way that involves the remote. Don’t forget Hideo Kojima is a HUGE Nintendo fan- the presence of Solid Snake in Smash Bros (not, sadly, a launch title) is proof enough.