It's AERIS Goddammit!

Seriously. It’s not Aerith, Aeries, Aries, or any other amalgamation. It’s A-E-R-I-S. We don’t call Cloud ‘Clod’, or Tifa ‘Tofu’, do we?

Well ‘Proud Clod’ could be an exception to that.

Tofu doesn’t taste very good.


Isnt the name Aerith like, the Japanese name?

Th isn’t even in katakana or hiragana. I haven’t seen how it is spelled in the Japanese version, but my geuss based on the english name would be Arisu or something similar. Aerith is sorta explained in the FFC though I think it was a mistranslation. Though it was Aerith from what I remember of Kingdom Hearts. Who knows I go by the FF7 version regardless.

I believe it’s “Aerith” in the Japanese release of Final Fantasy 7. However, when pronounced by americans during play testing, “Aerith” sounded goofy, so they changed it to Aeries.

That’s just something I picked up along the way, but I’m pretty sure that it’s “Aerith” in the Japanese release.

Yes, it is “Aerith” in the Japanese version of FF7. However, it is also Aerith in Kingdom Hearts.

Who cares?

This guy.

The sound “th” doesn’t exist in Japanese. It’s Arisu most likely. I don’t know where anyone got “Aerith” from, but unless “Aerith” is actually a real name somewhere, it’s just a poor translation.

I Just Call her the Flower Girl or the Dead Flower Girl, and be done with it.

Big Nutter

Hades just because the sound “th”, doesn’t exist in Japanese. Does NOT mean that “th” can not be part of something.

So I don’t see why Aerith can’t be the her name in Japan, especially since every database I have ever seen has listed her Japanese name as Aerith, so they can’t all be wrong, can they?

Actually, it does. You seem to think that simply saying these things without knowing anything about the language somehow makes them true. The Japanese can’t say “L” either. or “PH” or “F”. The only Japanese syllable that contains the letter “F” in it when romanized is “Fu”, and it’s pronounced “Hu” anyway.

Languages DO have restrictions, you know. Saying they don’t is just false wishful thinking.

“Aerith” is impossible to say AND write in Japanese. It’s probably Arisu, which would translate to Alice, which makes more sense since it’s an actual name.

Doesn’t change the fact that her name is Aerith in Kingdom Hearts.

That’s true.

Thanks for restating exactly what I said Hades. =P

Any way, looking at the advent Children poster ( it looks like the Japanese are spelling it Earisu. HS, have you ever heard a native Japanese person talk about an election in English? It tends to come out as erection because they don’t teach the L sound, and learning new sounds to pronounce tends to be really hard. When I was learning Japanese saying “hajimemashite” was extremly diffucult for the same reasons.

Cid didnt cuss, OR smoke a cigarette in KH… it freakin had Donald Duck and Goofy… you cant take that game seriously

It’s “a-e-ri-su” in Japanese katakana, but there are also plenty of propaganda from the Japanese release which spelled her name in English as Aerith. And, as has been noted, it’s Aerith in KH. My own feeling is that Aerith is the real name, but FF7 had a horrible translation and simply missed the reference and meaning of Aerith’s name, since it’s spelled the same as “Aeris”.

The Donald and Goofy bit were because of the theme of them game. Take out the Disney aspect the game is purely an engine. The smoking and cussing is just to go along with the Disney theme.