It's-a me, the Messiah!

The bar for nerd achievements has officially been raised.

I just wanted to post because nobody was giving love to the thread title. It’s such an awesome title!

Cool statue, too.

I agree, cool title and awesome statue. If people made more statues like that maybe I wouldn’t think sculpture is stupid.

If more people did kitsch, I might like art!

Hmm…pretty interesting. Must’ve took some serious time and effort.


I’m not much for religious subtext, but I must admit I’m impressed at the craft involved.

I don’t see Michelangelo toppled anytime soon though. The rotundness of Mario doesn’t allow him to go to interesting places.

Hey Rig. Did you know that the k-word I used above has been used on the Agora only six times? And three of those times it was by you.

It’s true! (I don’t count quoted text as using the word)

That link doesn’t work right, 984.

Heh, didn’t know that. Turns out I used it once for Eurovision, once for a dictator and once to describe military-worship, so I won’t feel too bad.

Speaking of word use.

Did you know that the word Crank has been used 72 times throughout the Agora? It turns out that Kagato Toujou used it far more than anyone else at 8 times, though it was Steve who used it the most in a single post at 4 times. The most it was used in a single thread was the Prank Call thread which saw it used more than 21 times (but was edited back down to 21 when the title was changed to Prank).

See. (And like the kitsch search I’m not including quotes.)

Mario is cool and all, but I think it shows more of how lazy and shitty artists of today are.