Its a K♥A♥T♥A♥M♥A♥R♥I♥!

Check out this awesome bead-thing i found in the hall today:

<img src=“”>

<img src=“”>

Sweet, no? A little too small though :too bad:

Neat-o. :smiley:

I want one! :o

(Those Bumble-Ball things remind me of Katamaris, if you’ve seen those)

What’s the stain on the bottom? o.0


No, thats just the way the carpet is. It has swatches of color in some places.

It’s ugly.


A little small…wasn’t the katamari about the size of a ant on the first level? If so, then that the right size. :smiley:

What’s there to be happy about? You’ll soon be rolled up into a giant ball.

It’s so adorable! =D


What is it made out of? It looks kinda ceramic in the pictures.

it looks cool.

Its really cool, actually. A kind of glass on the red tips, and glazed ceramic on the main part.

naaaaaa na na na na na na na na katamari damacyyyyyy~~~

It looketh pretty awesome.

What is the Fuss about? I hope they will bring it out in the UK.

I thought it was katamari damashiiiiiiiii in the song :frowning:

damacy = damashi = tamashi, they’re all the same thing

Those little things look cool, but i think little kids would swallow them, ya know, bright, pretty…CANDY swollows then chokes…then dies.

Thoes look really cool,…I want one…

Man Dev. Try and find the Prince. He was trying to roll up a Katamari in your house. :open_mouth: