It's a Gundam!...I'd hit it.



wtf 0_o a picture of an aardvard :S

That is the most bizarre animal I’ve ever seen. I’m sure the platipus has sympathy for it.

What does this have to do with Gundam, or even anime for that matter?

Wow, they have that foodophilic McD’s ad. And a “Buddy Christ” I’d hit it.

Is there a Gundam one somewhere in the archives, though?

I foresee this thread turning into…CHAOS!!!1!!!11!!!11!1one!!111!!!11/21?!!@1!

…this goes to show I should watch my links better, whoops.

This is the right one.

I had a feeling it was going to be something on those lines. There’s a big series of softcore mangas of such.

It actually showed it at first, musta changed or some shit, cause the first time I clicked it showed the gundam chick.

Man, I thought the aardvark picture was more entertaining, lol.


What i really wonder is why it took humanity so long to invent these .

Arac, those are fucking awesome. :smiley:

I don’t care what they are…I want one.


HOLY…! That’s not funny, that’s just cruel and scary and…maybe a little funny.

What the hell is wrong with Japan?

omg… the mousepads… I want one!!!

Their criminal organizations are more philanthropic than their government, that’s what.
The used-panty vending machines are still inexplicable, though.

It must be mine…