It is very important that you see this film

It could change your life. And even if it doesn’t, it’ll still make you smile a lot. <- it’s linked on that page. Guys, just trust me. It’s really beautiful, even though it starts out a little bit pretentious, it gets utterly magical.

Also, for me the file was a bit screwy in the beginning, but it doesn’t last.

just what kind of a movie is it, cuz I don’t wanna get a 40 meg file for it to be crap, even if I am quite bored.

It’s about 8 and a half minutes long, and it starts out with images of modern repression, and then cuts to people doing crazy, positive things and having a really good time in the midst of all the sadness and hurt. I mean, it’s a relatively simple concept, but it’s really well executed in the movie, and it touches you on levels other than the intellectual.

windows does not recognize the file format. oh well, guess I’ll have to download winamp sometime.

it’s a .mov, just get quicktime,

Or be smart and get <a href=“”>Quicktime Alternative</a>, and mailorder a Russian Bride while at it.

maybe later, forgot that I have an ancient version of directx on at the moment. not worth the trouble.

Hmm, very interesting camerawork, and the way the makers got the point of the film across is very creative…neat. ^^

Another excellent short movie is “The Parlor”. Someone sent it to me a year or so ago, and I’ve been searching on the internet for it so I could get people to download it and watch it. If you see it, spread the link around - it’s a great movie.

edit:The movie isn’t downloading for me.

Sorc, ?

That’s fucking annoying, because I looked around for that movie for a long time. I put relativly serious effort into it >|

Anyway, everyone get Parlor. It’s grand.

Google for “The Parlor” :stuck_out_tongue: And I’ve seen it before, it’s pretty cool.

It’s a lot cooler than this crap. And I did google it, I’m not sure why I didn’t find it.

Sorry Maz, but this is new age crap with reject megaman music :\ It tries to preach against monotony, yet the same fucking song plays for like, 5 minutes?

TD has l33t finding skillz. Probably comes from learning to search for hookers in back allys late to night in Holland somehow. I dunno. He’s cool like that.

Actually, I can’t imagine it’d be very difficult finding hookers in Holland. Or Norway, or whatever third world country TD happens to reside in ;p

Man, that was surprisingly good

The first one I clicked on listed her favorite music like as DISCO- if Russians have such horrible taste, then they should be banned from being anybody’s wives!

Shit man, I pass by at least 3 hooker shops (with hookers sitting in the window) on my way to college :stuck_out_tongue: And that’s just the ones I know of.