It is Naruto time

So what Do people thing of Naruto Your Like and Your Dislike if you want to know more about Post or ask me

An anime about ninja, how can you lose?
I’ve watched up to episode 114 or so. Actually, it’s kind of average, I think. However, the episode where they try to see Kakashi’s face is great. My friend doesn’t like the series, but even he admitted that was a good episode.

An anime containing more than 26 episodes invariably ends up sucking. Especially if it involves ninjas and is hugely popular. It’s like Dragonball, only with ninjas.

I loveee it~

The manga is cooler.

The manga’s cool, but my Naruto figurines are cooler! :enguard:

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way F-ing cooler

I am so sad… :bowser:

I read the manga…and it looks like i will continue reading the manga.
The only thing that bothers me about that is it might become a trend like pokemon where a bunch of noobs and little kids get into it (lol).

hahahaha no

Well, maybe not you. But others certainly will, because now little kids will be all over it.

You mean like me? Doing hand-seals while I shit?

a couple other reasons are
-no blood instead it will b coughing up sweat and getting scrapes
-haku will be taken as a girl
-sakura gets the person who voiced misty from pokemon
-sexy no jutsu gets taken out probably
-they might take out kun, chan, sensei etc. wtf no naruto-kun? ):

alot of other “controversial” content will probably be edited 2

I haven’t read naruto, but I’ve heard lots, the music is AWESOME, a lot of Ragnarok Online private servers use Naruto music in their patches, which is how I got some. I like th music, I want to find me some manga…I’ll hav eto go hunting around town for some…

Hey, at least it wasn’t 4Kids that licensed it, right? I can’t wait for the DVD release so I can start watching it. (Yes, I still haven’t seen it, I concentrate on licensed anime, so sue me) Actually, you can’t because that’s legal. =P

Shush. They’re more than likely to base the translation and dub on the crappy manga translation done by Viz. They won’t do a good job, but they won’t do 4Kids bad. :stuck_out_tongue:

And the manga is much, much better than the anime. I’ve been reading the manga since it was being released on Toriyama World and when I heard that an anime was coming out I was excited. Unfortunately they did a poor job of it. Sure, the animation is great and it follows the storyline but it’s filler. The first fucking episode is 8 minutes of story and 17 minutes of filler. The anime is a waste.

Shush. The anime is a great show. Yes, it had problems with filler material, BAD problems, for a very long time. However, the story it did have was great, and some of the action it shows is amazing. And, as was said above, the show has a consistently high-quality soundtrack. After the first or second season (right around the Chuunin exam), the anime cut out a great deal of the flashback nonsense.

I’ve read one volume of the manga. I’d rate the anime better than it. Why? Naruto is primarily an action series, and the anime does a much better job of conveying motion. I’m not saying the manga’s bad; it’s not. For the subject material presented, though, moving pictures just do a much better job. (J

On a side note, I hate the manga elitist trend. I see it in my anime club at times, too; people who will swear by manga no matter what, regardless if they’ve seen the anime at all.

The anime is dozens of episodes full of average animation interspaced with some damned awesome fight scenes. I understand how people who haven’t read the manga love it, but I just can’t bring myself to do so unless it’s one of the ‘big’ fights. Just look at how they’re treating the current battles with the Sound Nins and Kimmimaro. There’s been maybe six decent segments and the rest has been the third-string animation team marking time and saving the budget up for the Naruto vs Sasuke fight.

The quality of the animation was good up to the part where Naruto and the other genins were chasing after Sasuke and the sound-nins. They did a lousy job in drawing the characters from those episodes on.