It hurt. A lot.

Well I guess having a rod attached to your spine sticking out of you back fades the hand thing out of existance. Let’s just say I never heard myself screech before. I still have a barely visible scar on my palm though.

Oh, Sin and Cala, if that was true chicks would find me irrisistable. My back is a frickin’ road map.

Add to that: if chicks really liked scars, every boy out there would be flailing himself for some permanent marks.

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Add to that: if chicks really liked scars, every boy out there would be flailing himself for some permanent marks.

Yeah, just like how women like sensative men, so all men act sensative…



I have a thing about mildly hurting myself with semi sharp objects, like pencils and staples. One time, I was confused about a staple gun, and I pressed on the wrong end to see if it worked. Well, I didn’t SEE the staple come out, but I knew what the problem was when I felt the stinging in my hand. There are two little red dots little more than a centimeter apart on my hand now. I also have numerous black dots on my hand from accidental pencil stabbings.

I bet chicks don’t dig the weird scars, like when people get their face split open or something.

Get some random chick to lick your scars and wounds.

Go phreaky on yo’ pimp shit, dawg! Holla!

dude hookers’ll do anything
just pay em.
they’ll do whatever
seen memento? yea, that dude pays the hooker to pretend to be hhis wife.

the right side of my face is almost all scars and my chest too, damn sharp objects hurt

I’ve had a few run-ins with sharp objects… One time, I was messing around in my kitched with a letter opener thingy… I was stabbing a fruit-by-the-foot with it… And I hit my thumb. >> Another time at school, in science class I found a little wire thingy, so I decided to cut it into small pieces with my scissors, well. I somehow cut my hand below my index finger. My last, and most memorable… Would have to be when me and my brother were having a jumping contest… On a glass table. >> Well, it broke, and we got some glass in our feet. Sometimes, I think I should think before acting… :hmm: Pffh. Screw it. :victoly:

Me and sharp objects have had a turbulent relationship. Most of the time they’re nice, shiny and pretty; but then comes the times they’ve decided to be outright cruel: The bastards. Cuts ache. Damn paper. Er, I mean knives.

<img src=“”> Bwargh, I wound myself at work with SOMETHING at least once a week. Today it was sandpaper. On my hand. On a machine. Grah.

TD, just curious, but where do you work?

Not as bad as me and camping gear. Tentpoles through feet (you heard me) hurt more. Yours is not the dumbest accident here.

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TD, just curious, but where do you work?

<img src=“”> Hotelschool The Hague, as a painter. Entire thing needs renovation. Well, not all of it, but enough of it to make it seem like everything.