It finally happened.

I am so happy, my sister finally moved out of our house. All she did was bring trouble to my family, and the fact is, she is adopted, and she refuses to think that my dad is her dad. She hated my mom(her step mom) and treated me and my brother like crap. I knew she would eventually do it i just didnt know when. Well, i am very very happy.

What, was she a lesbian, or somthing?


Happy one day closer to death day! Ooops.

im happy cuz she made our lives a living hell! i did not like her cuz she continually got me in trouble, lied like no other, and yes char she was a lesbian(at least she acted like it). Constantly she called the cops or they just came to our house, one time i was questioned at my school.

Well, Lesbianism is no reason for hating someone, but I guess the constant calling of cops and getting in trouble justifies your feelings.

Like your siggy, btw.


Is she hot?

you’re going slightly mad?

Well, that’s good. Gonna keep in touch with her even though you hated/disliked her?

Hmmm…something good, at last. :stuck_out_tongue: I beg you, don’ t make this another homosexuality war thread…;_;

BTW, Kairi, your avatar and rank are cute beyond human comprehension. :moogle:

Just for shits n’ giggles… How does one act like a lesbian?

I wanna know so I can spot 'em and persuade the hot ones to give me some hot Girl-on-Girl+RC action. RC in a corner alone touching himself while two lesbians wage war for vaginal supremacy.

You can tell a girl is going to be trouble when the guy standing in front of her is a big macho dude who is her boyfriend and he wants to kick your ass!!----

Does that have <b>anything</b> to do with <b>anything</b>!?


Hey cool. Setz joined a day before my birthday.

Aren’t I the best birthday present ever? ;-3

No. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey woah, your birthday is in February too? Feb is indeed the greatest month of all time.

That makes three of us. February rocks!

Shinryu, if your phone is off recharging, how can I send AIM messages? :stuck_out_tongue:

:stuck_out_tongue: It’ll take you some time to get it, right? By then, it’ll have charged enough to stay on. Anyway, once you get it add me to your list and I should be on.

Shinryu, you’re vacationing in Toronto? Where, exactly? I could meet up with you guys too if you like.