It bothers me when people say "RPG Game"

RPG=Role Playing Game

So it’s redundant. theyre saying Role Playing Game Game

It’s sorta like how people say ATM Machine or PIN Number. I don’t get it.

It makes slightly more sense?

“It’s an RPG.”

“It’s an RPG game.”
“Oh, right.”

It’s just better to say IMO. At least you’re telling them that it’s a game and not a missile weapon.

Life likes to screw you over majorly with little tidbits like that, eh


“It’s an RPG”

“a Role Playing Game”

See, either way, they wont know waht those three little letters mean.

You get bothered really easily for a guy who thinks female circumcision is cool.

He gets all <strike>hot and</strike> bothered about a lot of things, it would seem.

female circumcision is fucked up.

I was wondering when this was gonna happen. That’s all been and done. It’s in the past. I’ve moved on. You guys really should too.

People say RPG Game so that they don’t accidentally order a rocket-propelled grenade instead :smiley:

Heh, good one. I never thought of that.

It’s like DC Comics. Detective Comics Comics? WTF? :stuck_out_tongue:

Unless there’s a rocket propelled grenade game.

RPG Game.

I just had to do that.

Actually they changed the DC to just stand for detective so it wouldn’t be as redundant. Now it’s just stupid but it works.

What, like DeteCtive? That’s is dumb.

It’s kinda like calling Coran “The Alcoran”. The ‘Al’ already means ‘the’.

It’s like Active Directory Directory Services!

I’ve never heard anyone say “RPG Game” until you just stated it.