Issues with MAME and USB controllers...

Not surei f this would be better suited here or tech support. Move if I’m wrong, please.

I recently downloadedt he latest version of MAME. It runs normally, but I can’t get it to reconize my USB controller, a Saitek P220. Which is odd, beacause an older version recognized it without me even needing to configure anything.

I have no idea how I’d even start to troubleshoot this kind of thing. Can anyone help?

Does the controller show up in control panel?

Did you make sure to right click your games in MAME and say “Properties > Controllers > Enable Joystick input” ?

Yes on the former, no on the latter. It’s fixed now. It was enabled by default on the last version, so I didn’t think to check. Thanks.

EDIT: Is there a way to do this for all my games in one shot, rather than tinkering with each one individually?

No, sadly. MAME32 is really user-friendly like that.