Is W. Bush the worst president in 100 years?

J. Edgar Hoover was head of the FBI, I think you mean Herbert Hoover. I don’t think Hoover was that bad of a president, he was just a scapegoat who had a different way of dealing with the great depression (meaning the economy would work itself out and didn’t need much government help).

Heh. I made a similar mistake in attribution in class, according to my notes.

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As to Hoover, the “this country needs a big laugh” platform was a bad move, to say the least.

Ethical and nationalistic hatred? Besides his love for the film “Birth of a Nation” (widely considered the most racist film in history) and his attempts at segregating government jobs I can’t think of any other instances in which his racism or prejudices influenced his policy (besides of course his prolonged passing of the 19th amendment). Wilson was a decent president in his economical reform and while he failed miserably with his Fourteen Points and his League of Nations, Wilson definitly set the ground work for other international organizations such as the United Nations and NATO. Furthermore I would collectively blame the rise of Germany for World War II not just on Wilson but on the other super powers of the time as well. Had Britain not been so appeasing (especially with Hitler’s invasion of the Rhine Valley) World War II may not have happened.

Not to mention groups like the KKK perpetuated hatred enough without Wilson.

Don’t forget the severe reparations placed on Germany by Britain and France, much to the displeasure of Wilson. You could potentially blame Wilson for leading the US into WWI, thus causing an absolute defeat of Germany rather than the eventual standstill most historians believe would have happened. However, you definitely can’t say Wilson didn’t try to save Germany some after the war ended.

If any of his actions would directly have led to a world war, it would’ve been Wilson’s clandestine invasion of Russia to support the Menshiviks. But no war with Soviet Russia occurred, so yeah.

I don’t think Hoover was that bad, he just inherited a big problem and couldn’t really do anything anyway. :frowning:

I don’t know anything about what Bush is doing, but I know who was also a bad president, Truman. He started the Cold War and messed up foreign affairs for half a century even if his domestic policy was all right. :frowning: Or Eisenhower because he wouldn’t apologize to the Russians for the sake of disarming.

I think that Whites (white army), would be a more appropriate term to use in this case. Fighting Reds was a loose confederation of counter-revolutionary forces: Mensheviks, Esers, monarchists etc.
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Eh? Okay. I coulda sworn the Menshiviks were the Whites. Guess not.

To counter some stuff, Hoover wasnt that bad, the country was in bad shape, and he just didnt do anything to fix it. He really didnt make it worse.

Andrew Johnson, Id like to hear how hes bad. Plus he couldnt do anything, as Congress (eg Radical Republicans) took all power and remade the South after the Civil War. AJ tried to follow Lincon mostly, but couldnt.

How the hell is Regan bad??

And at the moment I do say Bush is bad, as hes gotten us way over our heads in debt. And This is from a republican that origionally liked him.

One word: Reaganomics. Again, I’m a liberal (or progressive, or whatever it is that we’re calling ourselves these days), but I think that the idea of giving rich people more money to help fuel our economy is ridiculous (of course, this is a gross generalization of the idea, but, again, I’m a liberal).

You know what presidential blunder needs to be brought up? The Hog Reduction Program. Man, that was a good one. That was Wilson, right? Wasn’t he supposed to have an IQ of like 200? Or am I thinking of someone else?

We won’t know until he’s done, will we? It’s really not something we can say until we have some distance to his presidency and now confidential papers have been released and we’ve had a chance to see the long term effects.

I think history will judge Mr. Bush as a terrible, terrible president.

The worst in 100 years is a pretty tough award, since I think they’ve really all bit horse-cock since Madison. Which was a little more than 200 years back. Bush is pretty awful, but I don’t think he’s worst in 100 years worthy. Good ol’ Ronny had him fucked in just about every direction when it came to doing stuff wrong, and didn’t do any of the few things right that Bush did. Nixon opened China, but Santiago Stadium was a pretty horrendous thing that puts Nixon up there in the worst leaders in history. C’mon, The 984, ‘some help.’ That’s like saying Hitler had ‘some involvement’ with the Nazi party.

Also, the Menshiviks were in the Whites, but weren’t the Whites. “A square is a rectangle, but a rectangle. . .,” sort of thing, if I remember correctly.

in my earlier list I meant LBJ. Andrew Johnson wasn’t president in the last 100 years. I think LBJ is a pretty horrible president, but not as bad as Nixon / Reagan / Bush squared

Our foreign policy has grown steadily worse in the past fifty years, so as far as that goes, Bush probably would be the worst president in recent history. However, it’s also true that he wouldn’t have been able to do what he did without precedents set by Truman, LBJ, Reagan and Clinton, so they’re in some sense responsible for Bush’s policies as well.