Is this illegal?

Posting nude photos of somone on the internet.

Only if they’re ugly. It’s a constitutional right to post pictures of naked, sexy people you boned to brag to your friends. It’s the seventh amendment. Naked sexy people in general is okay, though. It’s not a part of hte Constitution, but it’s still legal.

Are you aware what percent of the internet is the same thing?

It isn’t like some random person on the street will just turn around to someone and say, “didn’t I see a naked picture of you on the internet?”

I would honestly do that. Like, “Hey, hey you! You know a naked picture of you if you search for Akira Tetsuo on google images? Yeah. It’s crazy. I must commend your cock, too. It’s prodigious in both length and girth, as well as unusually straight for its size.”

Wha? O_o

I believe it’s legal if the picture is of yourself.

If they approve it’s alright. Unless they are fat.

:hahaha; that’s great

Akira Tetsuo? As in Tetsuo Shima from Akira, or Akira and Tetsuo from Live-A-Live?

Of all the questions that I could possibly ask as a result of seeing this thread, why the hell is THAT one the first one that entered my head!?

Post some, then we’ll tell you.

It goes on a system of how attractive they are, you see.

Tetsuo Shima from Akira was the goal.

Basically what I want is a serious answer. And not some BULLSHIT!

I would guess it depends on the circumstance. I mean, if you’re doing something creepy, there’s probably something wrong with it. I hope. If not, probably not? No clue. My recommendation is just to go ahead and do it. And if you get arrested, make your one phone call count by calling one of us so we can post all about Charlie the Con and his amazing adventures with Thunderdick the Shower Fiend.

Well, they have to be of legal age, for sure. (Unless they are an ethical/religious Naturist, in which case, the rules are different.) I believe their permission is required, but I’m honestly not certain. Depending on the context, pornography laws may also apply, but then again, they don’t really ever apply on the internet, so whatever on that ground.