Is this a good gaming computer?

I have decided to build a custom gaming computer after the laptop I previously bought eariler in the year off of ebay lost the use of it upper screen’s backlight. The price to fix it was not worth the trouble for such a old system, so I simply removed the top screen and bought a monitor. Yet once I get the computer build, the laptop will be put away for a rainy day. I also have a keyboard/mouse and speakers already, along with a router. Without further ado, the parts for my new computer.

My motherboard

My processor

My video-card

My ram

My operating system

My hard-dive

My dvd burner drive

My case

Is this stuff good, and no suggesting AMD, as I already sticking with Intel 4 on this one.

I would actually pull back on a couple of those things there, personally, just to save money. But, yeah, if built right, that machine shouldn’t have any trouble playing anything.

That’s a really good computer for about $1050 without shipping. That should play all of your games with ease.

Might be a good idea to look into an AMD chip instead. I hear they are cheaper and yet more powerful. I have a P4 myself, so I cannot verify, but check out some tech sites out there for some comparisons, I know I’ve seen some comparisons on that matter done.

No thanks, I rather not use AMD, which I belive I mention eariler that I had no intention on using them. I know they are better for gaming, but I rather stick with Intel.

Why in the world would you want Intel over AMD? The only reason I have an Intel chip in my new laptop is because HP didn’t have an option of putting an AMD in this system. AMD chips are faster, cheaper, and are the only 64-bit chips out on the market, so when Windows Vista comes out next year, Athlon 64 will support all of the features of it, and Pentium 4 won’t. You can buy a chip that will be outdated in a year if you’d like, but I’d rather go with AMD, myself.

Fine, I will switch to AMD parts, which I updated the list above with the ones I selected. The processor, motherboard, and ram were changed because of this (ram type was different then the type the old motherboard used). By the way…what is Hyper Transporting?

And can this thing play Doom 3, Sims 2, and Half-Life 2 okay?

Your knowledge is outdated. Intel have several 64-bit CPU ranges now.
But yeah little Rirse, go with the AMD. I’ll look at the site when I get home and give you a few tips on which and what to get.

Okay, technically Intel has some 64-bit chips… but they’re so expensive! And customers never know that they’re 64-bit chips, anyway, so I just sell them A64’s instead. :smiley:

Is the 6800 GT really worth the price of 350 dollars? I know that this is a gaming computer and it good to get the best, but I am honestly wondering if I should rather get a 6600 GT, as it would save me atleast 200 dollars.

Personally, I’d go for a 256Mb 6600GT over a 6800. The price difference is just too much.

  1. You do not want Windows XP Home. It lacks features you’ll probably want at some point.
  2. Because it’s expensive and looks like a brick doesn’t mean it’s any good. Replace that videocard with something that doesn’t cost an arm and two toes and that doesn’t look like a brick.
  3. Please, get a case that doesn’t look like something the cat dragged in from Mars. It hurts my eyes to look at it.
  4. Since you’re buying a mainboard that supports dual channel memory, you might want to buy two sticks.

Get a case designed for ventilation. Those neon tube ones are okay at LAN parties, but it’s a waste of money otherwise.

<a href=“”>Xoxide</a>.com has one of the best selections of PC cases (and mod supplies) around.

Why bother getting a 64 bit chip if you don’t have a 64 bit OS to use it? I mean yea, you get increased speed on 32 bit applications, but wouldn’t it make more sense to get <a href=“”>a OS that will use the doubled width?</a>.

I updated my selection with ideas from Nulani, Devillion, and Xeno. I added the X700 Radeon graphic card, as I want a good graphic card, but not one that going to eat a hole in my budget. And while I not getting rid of Windows XP, I did change it to the XP 64 edition, which is only 50 dollars more. I am still looking for a new case design.

By the way, would the graphic card I have selected be able to play Civilization 4, Sims 2, Half-Life 2, Doom 3, and Battleground 2?

The graphics card should be compatible with all of those games.

Yes, easily.

I updated my specs yet again, with a new 6600 GT card selected after reading reviews about how the X700 Pro was always half as good compare to that card which is about 20 dollars more. I also selected my case, which is in the link above.