Is there any way to slow down old games?

I was playing Fool’s Errand on my computer, when I got to this puzzle based on being a quick clicker, and since my computer is waaaaay over both the minimum, reccomended and even the maximum requirements, it is impossible.

So is there any way of getting the game to slow down so that it can be beaten?
If there isn’t I’ll be very sad… :bowser:

Are you playing it via DOSBox? I think pressing CTRL + F11 while in the console (not the main game) will slow it down a bit. I used that in Quest for Glory when I was trying to get through Yorick’s puzzle (which also requires your computer to be running slow), and it worked out.

Other than that, I used to use a program that you could use to “slow down” your computer temporarily, but the name of it eludes me. It was mentioned in one of the QfG FAQs, though…

EDIT: The FAQ updated and removed the link to that program in question because a patch was made for the problematic game areas. But I found this link:

MoSlo perhaps? I can’t remember the address for it, but it is a program designed for slowing down your computer to run old programs. You just have to be careful because it defaults to emulating an 8 mhz processor.

Google for CPUkiller.