Is there any probability that the next console wars, a company will...

Will a company in the next console wars be eliminated by competence?

I have been wondering these things lately:

Anything can happen…I mean after the Dreamcast came out, it was ahead of it’s time but then X-box and PS2 started to decrease it’s sales and it marked the death for the Dreamcast.

PS3 is rumoured to be ahead of it’s time with it’s superadvanced things and gadgets…can the same thing happen to PS3 as it happened to the dreamcast?

X-BOX 360 is coming out very soon, could the date of release then affect it’s sales when the rest of the next-gen consoles get released?

People say that the Variety of Nintendo Gamecube games were pretty bad, what will happen if people don’t buy “Revolution” because of it’s variety?

Honestly, all three consoles, right now, look like complete shit software wise, except the Revolution, with the promise of a SSB as launch.

And incompetent moves will be done before the launch. Such as Sony announcing a huge ass price tag. They’ve always done it in the past, why not now?

PS3 having 80 dollar games is gonna kill it

If the Xbox doesn’t turn a profit next generation, Microsoft is getting out of the console business.

I heard $60. But even that is overkill.

I still can’t believe people are getting so butthurt about $60 per game. This has been the standard price in europe for YEARS, and development costs rise a ton next generation.

I dunno, between gas prices and and other college expenses, I don’t think I can afford $60 a game.

I’m not interested all too much in the next generation at all. The only game previews I’ve seen for the PS3 and 360 are all shooters, which I hate. The Revo looks completely disappointing simply because the only thing it is likely to offer that is appealing to me is the downloadable catalog of games. An online SSB sounds good and all but I’d be willing to bet Nintendo will fuck it up and $60 games in the US means $80 in Canada so damnit.

“and development costs rise a ton next generation.”

I read somehwere that better technology makes it cheaper to make games

IF there’s gonna be a new final fantasy for ps3, and it’s NOT online, then I’m gonna go play ps3

Look at it this way: FFIX was one of the last games for the PS1 and it was, overall, a pretty impressive piece from the graphic point of view. Now for FFX, they had to add voice actors, another set of English voice actors, develop even better graphics including lip movement, motion caption and more stuff I can’t remember. In FFX-2 they even replaced the original lip movement with one that fitted the English voices.

The point is, they are ADDING more and more things to each game that comes out, and those thing require more money. Games nowadays make the development of FF6 seem like it could be done with spare change.

Back to the topic, I’m deciding anything until I see some games. I still have no idea of what is going to come out in what console, so I’ll just wait to see the XBOX and PS3 on the table before making judgements (I have a feeling Nintendo is going to mess up again). Also, as long a they come in DVD disks, all games here cost $18 so in the long run and despite the ungodly conversion rates and shipping taxes, I’ll end up paying less than you all.

You make it sound like Argentina has a law saying that DVDs cant cost more than $18 :o

Argentina is piracy’s Garden of Eden. Getting a legal copy of anything is horribly tough and just about every shop that is not in a mall sells the pirate versions.

The regular prices of the pirated games that allow sellers to gain profit while not ripping off the customers too much are: CDs $5, DVDs $18. Basically, since they buy one game and make a gazillion copies, they can easily keep those prices. Nobody sells higher than that simply because there’s an almost even balance between offer and demand: If a store starts selling DVDs at $25, the customers will just walk the extra ten blocks to the cheaper store.

As an added bit of info: Consoles are already modded to play the copies when you buy them :stuck_out_tongue:

So in other words, we’ve got an entire country buttfucking the gaming industry.

Sega’s console downfall began way back when the Saturn was released. By all standards, it was a better console then the PlayStation, but Sega rushed to get it out a before the PS was released. Then, Sony, with it’s obscene marketing funds, basically said “Why would you want shitty older hardware when you can have ours!” despite the Saturn being more powerful then the PlayStation and having better launch titles (Which ironically, Sega hurt by pushing ahead the release date, so developers had less time finish their games).