Is there any hope left for the world?

I had a feeling watching the news was part of the reason of why you feel so bad, d. But consider: the news ALWAYS focus on the negative. The bad news SELL, and they will always get the spotlight. But from a logical point: do you believe only BAD things happen all the time? Are the people in command ONLY corrupt? Are there ONLY wars happening in this world? And crimes and scandals? Of course not. Hell, the majority of the people in the World are nice enough, and they’re busy trying to live their lives. But that doesn’t sell the news, does it? And even the REALLY good things that might be happening right now -like medical discoveries that will save millions of lives- will take years to reach public knowledge. But our leaders latest snafus? You’ll get that right in time to spoil your dinner, every day.

Just turn the idiot box off and focus more on your life (or, if you care enough, on other people’s as well. You’d be surprised how many happy people there are in this supposedly hopeless world.) :wink:

Every generation thinks the apocalypse will happen at some time during their lives. Back in the fifties everyone was convinced we’d be living in fallout from a mass nuclear war today. It’s in our nature to imagine a worst case scenario.

Right now I can’t think of anything witty or profound to add to this right now, but I might edit something in later. I will however wish you a belated happy birthday and a get motivated soon as well.

Btw it’s a general rule that viewing 24hr news networks for any length of time is hazardous to your physical and intellectual health. An hour of watching Fox News has been proven to be more harmful than a full night of binge drinking by the I’m making this shit up but not by much foundation or IMTSUBNBMF for short (you’ve been warned).

We’ve been in bad spots before, real or not, such as Y2K, The Great Depression, WW1, and WW2. But in the cases of the last 3 we endured and came through. In the case of the first one we stockpiled and got ready, even though nothing happened we would have been able to survive. Also a study proved the Earth is now cooling down compared to the last 10 years. And in the case of fuels, if we happen to make a hydrogen, one of the most abundant elements in the universe, powered car we should be able to save our asses and still travel. We’ve got food banks across the world filled with seeds in case we have a food shortage epidemic, also people in other parts of the world are starting to accept genetically engineered crops. On an ending note, we are pouring trillions of dollars into a war, because of terrorists, the attack on the Twin Towers, car bombs, and attacks on planes. It is not for oil, or at least not entirely. Happy birthday.

Y2K wasn’t a bad spot. It was a myth fueled by fear mongering media.

Well, it wasn’t completely a myth, it just got blown giganormously out of proportion by the media.

Whenever you mention a study involving the climate, please be sure to provide a reference. Ideologues on both sides of the debate abuse the science massively, but global warming denialists are far, far the worse.

I heard it on the Today show.

First off there is no food shortage. The ‘shortage’ is of money and people being able to pay for the food.

Second, whether or not humanity kills itself off isn’t really the worlds concern. Eventually it’ll regrow some new evolutionary line and life for her will continue as normal.

Be glad you are a year closer to death.

On the plus side if your a fundy Christian, you probably believe the world is going to end and the second coming will happen any day now. :slight_smile: Might as well convert and enjoy the lies while you still can!


You could always use your substantial talent as a writer and send in an article to your local paper.

Happy 2 Days After Your Birthday.

In that case all you heard was hearsay. There’s probably a real publication out there filtered through several series of nincompoops utterly unable to understand what it says or willing to distort it if they do.

[First off there is no food shortage. The ‘shortage’ is of money and people being able to pay for the food.

In other words, its not a shortage but an imbalance. A minority of people are getting too much food while most people aren’t getting enough. And human nature being what it is, this will never change, since human nature will never change.

Which really means that none of the problems of humanity will ever really go away. They’ll just take different forms, or vacillate between extremes. Thousands of years ago humanity was terrified of nature and dared not alter it. Now we treat nature like its not even there. Has our mindset really changed that much?

no. we’re fucked. best to stock up on ramen noodles and liveblog the impending downfall of humanity from the comfort of your dorm room. a generator + extra laptop batteries might be a wise investment in these last few days before the righteous demise of fiat currency and global “society”.

Man, you got to quit IRS.
And it’s not the end of the world on the agenda, but the impending collapse of the American Empire.
Happy belated birthday.

Man. I accidentally watched 3 minutes of the Late Show and now I want too either kill myself or Dr. Phil. X_X I just have to wonder sometimes if I’m not already in Hell.

Also, it’s only the end of America. Africa is still 3rd world, we’re sinking into debt(damn you terrorists!!![and Bush]), and much of Asia is rapidly growing.

Yeah, it’s a little reassuring that the human race MIGHT survive, somehow. Unfortunately, the collapse of America tempers this a little, if only because I LIVE in America.

sigh At least we’ll start feeling a little empathy for the third world nowadays.

Wha, 3rd world? The last great powers that collapsed were the Brit, the French and the Russian (for the Japanese and Germans the circumstances weren’t the same) and, more or less, all of them are doing fine. It won’t be the end of the world, just the end of superpower-derived benefits. America won’t be even taken advantage of, it will still have the world’s largest nuclear arsenal.