Is there a connection between FFIX and FFCC?

While looking at pictures from FFCC I noticed how the characters kinda looked like characters from FFIX. I looked for some info on the game and read something about “a land once covered in poisonous fog” and some kinda crystal. There probably isn’t any real connection, but it’s wierd though.

Well the fact that both games were made by the same company, SquareEnix. It is not surprising that they have similar aspects, but I highly doubt it is anything more than them reusing ideas.

Especially when you consider that crystals have been a basic trademark of their Final Fantasy games, since the first one.

Crystals have been around since FF1. The fog and mist aren’t quite the same since the mist in FF9 isn’t poisonous (and in fact is required for a whole lot of inventions). I was thinking more of Legend of Legaia when I hear of FFCC’s story.

The characters look similar just because they’re 3D characters in the SD (super-deformed) style. Any game featuring that style will have similar characters.

Well, there’s one other important difference; people who started playing FF with FFVII or FFVIII tend to not like either of them, or say that they’re both “kiddie.”