... Is that supposed to be there?

Well, Word keeps crashing (the computer has been chugging along just fine for three years now, so I suppose it’s not that amazing that it has started acting up) while I’m doing my take home exam, which does not make me a happy camper.

So, I’m running anti-virus and spybot to check if there’s something in here that shouldn’t. Spybot seems to think that these things shouldn’t be:


Now, I see two ways to read the first two, and before I do anything (if I SHOULD do anything) I just want to know if these are supposed to be there so that my compy can get the updates it needs.

<b>Edit:</b> There’s something VERY odd going on here. Word only seems to crash when I open the file with my take home exam. WTF?

Yeah, this isn’t related. You manually configured some settings to cripple the godawfully annoying Security Center, feel free to leave them like that.

Alrighty, thanks TD.

The word file kept giving me headache though, I have no idea what was wrong. I tried making copies of the file, copying the text before it had time to crash, and put the text in a new file… after a while I managed to somehow get it to work, but it started again when I tried to write a footnote. It took me an hour to finish one damn paragraph -_- It seemed to have something to do with the footnotes (finally got it to stop crashing long enough to finish the essay when I hid the footnotes), but/and… what the hell?