Is that a HEART in your eye?!

It looks like it would be annoying…

They would be.
The Deutch are Crazy! The Crazy!

i see a lot of veins…

But… why?

That’s Dutch, Deutch are Germans.

As for the actual topic, that has to be the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen. What’s next? Pentagrams in your eye? How about little red dots so you look permanently bloodshot?

Maybe green dots so you look like a bloodshot vulcan? How about a little blue moon in your eye?

I cannot believe they can see quite right with that there.

Back in my day we never surgically implanted things in our eyeballs, we pierced our tongues and got full-body tattoos! Ah, crazy youths of today…

mmm, sexy :3

Given the habits of the Dutch (coughmaryjanecough), they probably already are permanently bloodshot.

My thoughts exactly Gilgamesh.

People are crazy!! o_O Imagine if that’d… ooouch! That’s potentially painful. o.o And shouldn’t it be kinda dangerous? For some reason it seems that way to me.

Hey, this can work for some kids.

“Mom, can I get some jewlery implated into my eyeball?”
“WHAT?! Hell no!”
“Fine, fine, I’ll just get my eyebrow pierced.”
“THAT’S more like it.”

Thats just stupid.

I’d make a comment about “a hearty laugh” but then I decided that maybe a joke about eyeballing someone would be better. But in the end, I think the closest I can come to is “mmm, Trillian.” Nobody knows why.

It would be i wear contacts and sometimes ill put one in and then have to take it back out because theres some tiny particle on it in which sometimes i cant see but irritates my eye. Anything scratching the surface of your eye cant be good.

Quote from article: “at a cost of $610 to $1,232.” Thats nuts, but if you like being extreme, it wouldn’t matter to you. Hm should i pay my car insurance this month or get something in my eye.

I’ll keep a full vision range, thank you very much

Fuckin A man, I’m gonna try that!

Who cares? Let them stick shards of glass into their eyes deep into their eye sockets and into their brains for all I care. That will be the next fad. Then after that they’ll shove spikes into their skull and splatter their brains all over and it will be the cool thing to do. I’ll wait for that day to come to get rid of the excess population. The more dead the better.

Somebody sounds cranky.

somebody needs a huggy wuggy :3