Is Sinistral...

…Anthony Kiedis, the lead singer from the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I mean, sweet Jesus, but he looks exactly like him in the Under the Bridge video. If you have winamp watch it and look at his avatar. It’s scary. In a cool way.

No clue.

No no, he’s Tommy, the Green Ranger! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Holy crap, you’re right! :hyperven:

I’ve been told I looked like:

Aparently the lead singer in red hot chilly peppers
the green ranger
Alan Shezar from Escaflowne
The lead singer from AFI
Bon Jovi (from the 80s)
Daniel Day Lewis (Last of the Mohicans)
Someone from the matrix
Brad Pitt (Interview with a vampire)
Legolas (LotR)

I’m probably forgetting some.

You could rob banks.

“Eyewitnesses reported the suspect looks like Brad Pitt. Or Jon Bon Jovi. or the Green Ranger. We don’t fucking know either. Back to you in the studio Alan.”

Omg, he’s Louis! I so did not notice until now.

All I need is paler skin and yeah :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, what can anyone say? Sinistral’s achieved a sexiness so powerful, we seem to confuse him for practically every other hot guy there ever was. That’s, like… Sexy nirvana, or something.

And I always subscribed to the belief that he’s secretly the actor who played Tommy, the original Green Ranger, and has messed around with time travel somehow to do all this.

As cool as that may be, there’s a unique weirdness to being in a supermarket with your girlfriend and a very enthusiastic middle aged blonde runs up to you to tell you that you look JUST LIKE Bon Jovi did when she was your age and then gets all excited.

Yeah, a good weirdness. You bastard…who…is sexy.

Lies, you’re not nearly as sexy. >:(

I thought about that one too.

Don’t forget Eat Man.

Bolt Crank’s haircut is different.

id go gay for davey havok…

Say, could someone post pictures of all the aforementiobned people that SIn looks like? it would be nice to compare them.

Edit: Never mind, got it here. Not the best quality, or the biggest but it you can see the resemblance.

Shit, he does kinda look like the green ranger.

As for me, I have no pics of myself uploaded, but I have been told I look like:
Richard Ramirez(Famous serial Killer and the person in my avatar, also probably closest to truth)
Dave Grohl(ex Nirvana drummer/Foo Fighters Frontman)
Adam Sandler as Little Nicky
Jim Carrey(only if I was paler)
Jim Morrison(when my hair was shoulder length)
Ron Jeremy…just kidding(I made this one up for laughs)
Paul Reubens(known to most of us as Pee-wee Herman)

How many of these “Sinistral is as hot as…”/“Sinistral looks like…” threads have we had? Can we all just stop beating it around the bush? Sinistral is so hot i want to crap my pants.