Is my FF2 Defective?

I’ve been playing Final Fantasy 2 (Final Fantasy Origins) for a while now, and I’ve noticed that none of my characters are able to go past level 3 in their weapons skills.

Firion gets stuck at Level 3 - 66 in a couple skills. And no further. The others characters don’t show any progression past level 3. As in the number stays at 0 no matter how many times they battle with the weapon.

I know this is an odd game in how skills progress, but it seems like level 3 is a very low level to play the whole game at. And FAQs I’ve read refer to higher weapons levels.

Also, Firion seems to be really lousy at going up in stats. Is it because he is in the first position?

I used to play Final Fantasy Legend very heavily and mastered that game’s leveling system, and I know that there, the order of one’s characters was very significant in how characters went up in stats. Here’s my page on that if anyone’s curious:
Final Fantasy Legend - How Characters Go Up In Abilities And Hitpoints

It seems impossible to rearrange the order of the characters in FF2 though, so I can’t test that.

I haven’t played FF2 in a while, but I think the strength of the enemies you’re fighting had something to do with the growth rate.

Hmm. The other characters were going up pretty quickly. Even the girl. I got her hitpoints to 47 within a couple hours, and her endurance up to 12. Also her strength up to 15. (I decided to make her a mix of White Mage and Fighter.)

Gus is doing very well with everything. As he seems a high-endurance fellow, I’ve had him learning black magic. Got his spell points up to 53 in a couple hours, his intelligence to 22 and his endurance and hitpoints went up reasonably as well.

Firion was doing a mix of white magic, black magic, and fighting with his sword. He got hit at least as much as the other two, yet has never gotten above 53 hitpoints. (I noticed that my son’s game, where Firion was doing nothing but fighting with his sword also had Firion stuck at 53 hitpoints. Same stats with his sword skill too.) Also for me, his spellpoints never went past 13, and he only went up once in intelligence, and not at all in spirit. Even though he got to level 2 in fire, ice, bolt and cure.

When Gus was casting black magic spells, his intelligence and magic points went up frequently. No lowering of his endurance either. I have discovered that the 3 stats lowering as the other 3 go up is random and can be avoided by saving frequently and reloading. But I didn’t have to even do reloading for Gus.

I wasn’t paying that close attention to the weapon stats when I was playing ff2 recently. Maybe there is a limit as to how strong you can get before a certain point in the game.

I don’t think so. It’s been a long time since I played my copy, which is also Origins, but I’m pretty sure I had no problems building my stats.

If hit points are your problem, try having your guys attack themselves until they’re low on hp. (low = less than 15) Also, try to focus your characters a bit more. Apparently you’ve got Frionel spread over a whole bunch of weapon types, and both white and black magic? That’s a bit too spread out, methinks. I keep him with swords and a bit of white magic.

Anyway, maybe try it, if it doesn’t work, try going a bit further in the game and see what happens. If you can’t build after that, then I dunno.

Only to level 2 magic in black and white. I like to have one character that’s your basic red mage type, but mainly a fighter. I only tried other weapons when I noticed about the level 3 limitations.

I found the solution. The characters only go up past level 3 in weapons when they hit something equal or higher in level than themselves. I finally had to give in and have my characters beat themselves up. And when they atttacked themselves and each other, the weapons skills went up fine, as well as their hitpoints and endurance. Screwy system that…

I got my characters up nicely in hitpoints and endurance, and have a special save where I can start from anytime I want to start the game from the beginning. So I can watch the beginning sequence, then load the special save. And play a normal-style FF game from then on.